1. Impact of Social Role of Women on their Buying Decision Behaviour: A Conceptual Framework Development

Prof. Rohita Dwivedi

13th SIMSR Global Marketing Conference 2018 by K.J. Somaiya Institute of Management Studies & Research, Mumbai - February 2018.

2. Confirmatory Factors for Efficient Consumer Response Adoption Framework

Prof. Suhas M. Prabhu

Research Conference om Operations & SCM by Symbiosis Institute Of Operations Management, Nashik - February 2018.

3. Ecotourism and Entrepreneurship: a case study of indigenous ecotourism in Velas

Prof. Chitralekha Kumar

International conference on entrepreneurship and family managed business by SJMSOM IIT Bombay and University of North Texas - January 2018.

4. Candy Crush - Entertainment factor for Women

Prof. Vijayan Pankajakshan

MICA' s International Communication Management Conference 2018 - 'Media and Entertainment: Disruptions and Beyond' - January 2018.

5. Enhancing Eco-tourists Satisfaction through Digital Intervention at Velas-Village

Prof. Chitralekha Kumar

International Conference on Empowering to Create Smart Future Through-Governance and Digitization by Bharati Vidyapeeth's Institute of Management Studies and Research (BVIMSR), Navi Mumbai - January 2018.

6. An Empirical Study on ICT Enabled Smart Classrooms

Prof. Tanvi Thakkar

International Conference on Empowering to create smart future through e-governance and digitalization by Bharti Vidyapeeth Institute of management & Research, Navi Mumbai - January 2018.

7. An Assessment of Digitalization in Management Education

Prof. Tanvi Thakkar

15th International Commerce and Management Conference on Impact of Digitalization and E-commerceIndian and Global Economy by The University of Department of Commerce, University of Mumbai - January 2018.

8. An assessment of Digital Intervention at Velas-Village Ecotourism

Prof. Chitralekha Kumar

International commerce and management conference by Mumbai University - January 2018.

1. Hidden Markov Model of selected stocks

Prof. P.V Chandrika

5th International Conference on Business Analytics and Intelligence by IIM Bangalore - December 2017.

2. The impact and effect of entrepreneurial education in distinctive sections

Prof. Chitralekha Kumar & Prof. Tanvi Thakkar

World Congress on Advance Management Practices in Business, Banking, Economics, E-commerce Marketing, and Tourism Organized by Krishi Sanskriti and held at Jawahar Lal Nehru University, New Delhi - September 2017.

3. Credit Constraints and Rural Migration: Evidence from Six Villages in Uttar Pradesh

Prof. Dr. Ruchi Singh

The Migration Conference by Harokopio University, Greece & Transnational Press, London - August 2017.

4. Logging into Digital Banking in India-What do Customers Value

Prof. Dr. Vandana Panwar

International Marketing Conference by IIM Indore - July 2017.

5. Discourse Centerd Online Ethnography (DCOE) study to understand online mourning on Social Networking Sites (SNS) and Thanatosensitivity

Prof. Manmeet Barve

National Conference on “Design & Innovation” by Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi - June 2017.

6. A Study on Consumer's Perception of Green Products on Purchase Intention

Prof. Satrupa Nayak

International Conference on Global Transformation Through Social Entrepreneurship - March 2017.

7. Impact of Male Out-migration on women left Behind: A study of Two Villages in Uttar Pradesh

Prof. Dr. Ruchi Singh

In Oxford Symposium on Population, Migration, and Environment by St.Hughs College, Oxford University, Oxfordshire - March 2017.

8. GST-Its Implementation & Impact on Indian Economy

Prof. Dr. Vandana Panwar

International Seminar on Globalization and Indian Economy: Issues and Challenges & A Two Day XXVII Annual Conference of the Madhya Pradesh Economic Association(MPEA) on Union State Financial Relations in India- Structural Transformation of Madhya Pradesh by School of Economics, Devi Ahilya University, Indore - February 2017.

9. Cappuccino to Irani Chai

Prof. Vijayan Pankajakshan, Prof. Shagun Barbade

International Conference on Management Cases by BIMTECH Institue, Greater Noida - December 2017.

10. Formulation &pilot for increasing the TCI in F&V category in hypermarket

Prof. Kavita Kalyandurgamath

Fifth international conference on business analytics &intelligence by IIM Bengaluru - December 2017.

11. Agrospace and the Opportunities therein

Prof. Gayatri Dwivedi

International Conference on Enhancing Economic Productivity & Competitiveness through Financial & Monetary Reforms by Gujrat Technological University Center for Financial Sources - October 2017.

12. Content Comparison of E-Commerce Sites - A Consumer Perspective

Prof.. Dr. Swapna Pradhan, Prof. Dr. Shweta Vats, Prof. Rohita Dwivedi

International Research Conference 2017 by Department of Management Studies, Jamnalal Bajaj Institute of Management Studies - March 2017.

13. The Ecotourism Practices: transforming socioeconomic impacts at Velas village

Prof. Chitralekha Kumar

International Research Conference 2017 by Department of Management Studies, Jamnalal Bajaj Institute of Management Studies - March 2017.

14. A Study on Mobile Application Usability by Youth

Prof. Sandeep Kelkar

International Research Conference 2017 by Department of Management Studies, Jamnalal Bajaj Institute of Management Studies - March 2017.

15. An Empirical Study on Consumer Perception of Content for E-Commerce Sites

Prof. Dr. Swapna Pradhan, Prof. Dr. Shweta Vats, Prof. Rohita Dwivedi

12th SIMSR Global Marketing Conference by Somaiya Institute of Management & Research - February 2017.

16. Predictive Analysis For Sales Of Product Categories Of A Lifestyle Store

Prof. Dr. Kavita Kalyandurgamath

12th SIMSR Global Marketing Conference by Somaiya Institute of Management & Research - February 2017.

17. IOT for Sustainability BPR using GIS a case Mumbai land Registration

Prof. Dr. Kavita Kalyandurgamath

International Conference on BPR sustainability and climate change issues and perspectives by IARDO - February 2017.

18. Are we Green Ready? - Green Consumer Behavior in India

Prof. Anshika Asthana

2017 Annual Conference of EMCB (Emerging Markets Conference Board) - January 2017.

19. Impact of Category Management on Operational Efficiency of a Retail Store

Prof. Dr. Ravindra Chiplunkar

IIM, Lucknow - Annual Marketing Conference (Reaching Consumers of Emerging Markets), held at their Noida campus - January 2017.

20. Social Awareness through FM Radio Advertisements

Prof Dr. Namrata Singh

International conference on disability communication: perspective & Challenges of 21st Century organised by Department of Communication & Journalism, the University of Mumbai in association with Jonkoping University, Sweden and ICSSR, New Delhi - January 2017.

21. Entrepreneurship leads to a reduction in migration: A case study of a woman entrepreneur in Palghar district of Maharashtra, India

Prof. Dr. Rachana Patil, Prof. Aisha Mohani

6th annual conference of the economic forum of entrepreneurship & international business held in LMH, Oxford University, Oxford, UK - January 2017.

22. Impact of Social Media on Green Purchasing Behavior

Prof. Satrupa Nayak

International Conference on Digital Marketing: Ushering a New ERA by SIES College of Management Studies, Mumbai - January 2017.

23. Economic Analysis of Marketing Channel of Grapes in Maharashtra

Prof. Dr. Rachana Patil

International Conference on Reaching Consumers of International Markets by IIM Lucknow - January 2017.

24. Enhancing teaching experience for successful student learning through library-faculty collaboration

Prof. Kirti Giri

UGC Sponsored National Conference on Enhancing the Role of the Library in Teaching and Learning conducted at SNDT Women's University, Pune. - January 2017.

1. Do specialized skillsets of an individual help in resolving Civil Engineering industry disputes

Prof. Dr. Kavita Kalyandurgamath, Prof. Mohana Raje

Conference by Mumbai University - December 2016.

2. Economic Analysis Of Yield Gaps Of Soybean In Vidarbha Region Of India

Prof. Dr. Rachana Patil

Fourth Pan-IIM World Management Conference at IIM Ahmedabad - December 2016.

3. A study of Bio-Medical Waste Treatment facility in MMR (A role of IT)

Prof. Sandeep Kelkar

Conference on Adwitya Engendering Health by IIHMR (Bangalore) & IIM (Ahmedabad) - November 2016.

4. Need For Institutional Arbitration In Construction Contracts In India

Prof. Mohana Raje & Prof. Dr. Kavita Kalyandurgamath

2nd International conference at IIT Kanpur on Law and Economics, a joint conference by IIT Kanpur, IIMA and GNLU to be held at IIT Kanpur - September 2016.

5. Consumer engagement via mobile apps: An analysis and framework for branded apps in India

Prof. Stuti Kumar

International Conference on Digital Disruptions: Trends and Opportunities in Marketing by IBS Mumbai - March 2016.

6. A Study of the behavioral aspects of Diabetes Disease Management

Prof. Anjali Kumar

1st IIMA International Conference on Advances in Healthcare Management Services - March 2016.

7. Rural women entrepreneurs: competencies for sustained growth in VUCA times

Prof. Anshika Asthana & Prof. Chitralekha Kumar

ADMIFMS International Management Research Conference 2016 by ADMIFMS, University of Mumbai - March 2016.

8. Economic Policy of the NDA Govt.

Prof. Dr. Chandrahas Deshpande

Conference on Budget 2016-17 and Indian Economy by Dept. of Economics, University of Mumbai - March 2016.

9. Strategic Entrepreneurial Education: Role of Management institutions in Nurturing Young entrepreneurs

Prof. Chitralekha Kumar

10th National Research Conference, By AIMA, New Delhi - March 2016.

10. A study on the scope of Cloud Computing in Management Education

Prof. Sandeep Kelkar

10th National Research Conference by AIMA - March 2016.

11. Developing an Integrated Model For Industry-Institute Interface

Prof. Anshika Asthana

Conference on Industry-Institute Partnership - An Impact on Future Economic Development by S.B.Patil Institute of Management & Savitribai Phule Pune University - February 2016.

12. Emerging Management Practices- Talent Management

Prof. Shagun Barabde

Remsons International Research Conference at Durgadevi Saraf Institute of Management Studies - February 2016.

13. Challenges and critical success factors in Rural Entrepreneurship - A case study of Dahanu, Maharashtra

Prof. Vineel Bhurke

International Conference on Agricultural Economics - 2016 by Maharashtra Society of Agricultural Economics (MSAE) at Dr. B S Konkan Krishi Vidyapeeth, Dapoli - February 2016.

14. Challenges and critical success factors in rural entrepreneurship a case study of Dahanu, Maharashtra

Prof. Dr. Rachana Patil

18th International Conf held, Maharashtra by Dapoli Agri University, Maharashtra in collaboration with MSAE - February 2016.

15. A study on awareness of Internet Neutrality in India

Prof. Sandeep Kelkar

13th International Commerce and Management Conference by Mumbai University Department of Commerce at Mumbai University Campus, Kalina, Mumbai - January 2016.

16. New Paradigms in Restructuring of Business Management Strategies in HRM - Innovation HR Practices

Prof. Shagun Barabde

International Commerce and Management Conference by Mumbai University at Mumbai University Campus, Kalina - January 2016.

17. The Challenges and the Opportunities of Ecotourism Policy framework in India

Prof. Dr. Uday Salunkhe & Prof. Chitralekha Kumar

International Conference on Contemporary Debate in Public Policy at IIM Calcutta - January 2016.

18. Women Participation to Women Initiatives: Perspective to Prospect

Prof. Anshika Asthana

Conference on Recontouring Business by Sadhu Vaswani Institute of Management Studies - January 2016.

19. Innovation-driven Leadership for Shaping the Future of Healthcare

Prof. Dr. Ragini Mohanty

3rd Hinduja Hospital Healthcare Management Series National Conference on Redefining Healthcare Value-Based Delivery - December 2015.

1. The Role of Social Media in Women Empowerment

Prof. Anshika Asthana

Women Empowerment: A Feminist Discourse Conference at ICSSR & K. P. B. Hinduja College of Commerce - November 2015.

2. The salutogenic hospital- inclusive design for promotion of health and wellness in India

Prof. Dr. Ragini Mohanty & Prof. Anjali Kumar

International Council for Design & Health - Design and Health World Congress, Hong Kong - July 2015.

3. Bridging the gaps in Indian Healthcare Delivery through CSR Initiatives

Prof. Dr. Ragini Mohanty

Leadership Strategies for Management of Accounting, Finance, Marketing, Entrepreneurship, Economics and Trade(LSMAFMET- 2014) - September 2014.

4. A Study On Consumer Decision Making Towards Organised And Unorganised Retailing In Mumbai City

Prof. Indu Mehta

4th IIMA International Conference On Advanced Data Analysis, Business Analytics, And Intelligence, April 11-12, 2015 Indian Institute Of Management - April 2015.

5. Market Basket Analysis Of Consumer Buying Behaviour Of Lifestyle Store

Prof. Dr. Kavita Kalyandurgamath

International Conference Business And Technology Management 15, American University Dubai - March 2015.

6. V- Xpress: An Evolving Phenomena

Prof. Dr. Sapna Malya

Vth Asia Conference on Family Business at ISB Hyderabad - February 2015.

7. Effect Of Category Management On Association With The Retail Store And Frequency Of Visits

Prof. Ravindra Chiplunkar

International Conference On Trends In Retailing And Branding At Department Of Commerce, University Of Madras, Chennai; And FICCI, TNSC - February 2015.

8. Importance Of Consumer Insights In Creating Brand Awareness For Medical Entrepreneurs

Prof. Dr. Ragini Mohanty

Eleventh Biennial Conference On Entrepreneurship By EDI Ahmedabad - February 2015.

9. Emerging Role Of Social Media In Healthcare Functioning And Its Usage To Reduce India Disease Burden

Prof. Dr. Ragini Mohanty

International Conference On Public Health Infrastructure In Transition, Challenges And Way Forward By Dept Of Social Work JMI, Delhi - February 2015.

10. FDI In Mumti Brand Retail In India - A Growth Perspective & 2. B. Loyalty Programs In Retail In India: More Hype, Less Loyalty

Prof. Dr. Swapna Pradhan

Ficci _ International Conference On Retailing And Branding, Ficci And the University Of Madras - January 2015.

1. Availability of public health infrastructure and usage pattern of MCH care services in rural Maharashtra

Prof. Dr. Ragini Mohanty

Twelfth Annual Conference of Indian Association for Social Sciences and Health by IASSH & G L Gupta Institute of Public Health, University of Lucknow - November 2014.

2. WOW Popcorn

Prof. Dr. Ragini Mohanty

GSMC 2014 by IIM Raipur - December 2014.

3. The Impact Of Store Atmospherics On Patronage Behaviour Of Customers?

Prof. Dr. Swapna Pradhan & Prof. Stuti Kumar

7th Oxford Asia Pacific Retail Conference. This Was Organized By Said Business School, the University Of Oxford In Collaboration With NUS, Singapore - September 2014.

4. Exploring The Behaviour Of Consumers, From Mumbai In Response To Social Media Marketing And Using It To Develop Suitable Marketing Strategies For Brands

Prof. Dr. Uday Salunkhe, Prof. Kavita Kalyandurgamath, Prof. Deepa Dixit

International Conference On Social Media Marketing(ICSMM 2014) Held At Welingkar Institute, Bengaluru Campus - July 2014.

5. Validate Piotroski F-Score Approach Of Value Investing On Indian Stock Market

Prof. Dr. Suyash Bhatt

International Research Conference At University Of Mumbai, Department Of Management Studies JBIMS - June 2014.

6. Corroborate Effectiveness Of Arms Index On Indian Capital Market

Prof. Dr. Suyash Bhatt

Sixth International Conference On ‘Excellence In Research And Education’ At Indian Institute Of Management Indore (IIM - Indore) - May 2014.

7. Analysis Of Yield Gaps Of Pigeon Pea In Vidarbha Region Of India

Prof. Rachana Patil & Dr. Devyani Nemade

Sixth International Conference On Excellence In Research And Education, held at Indian Institute Of Management Indore - May 2014.

8. Organization Dilemma: Loyal Employees Vs. Performance Driven Employees

Prof. Rimmi Joneja (Associate Dean - Human Resources, Mumbai) and Ms. Natasha Baisiwala (Manager HR - NDTV Group)

“KNOWLEDGE BEANS - A Human Resource Newsletter” Of ‘Atyaasaa Consulting Private Limited’ (A Leading Human Resource Training & Consulting Organization), Issue, 68 - March 2014.

9. Growth Trends In Area, Production, And Productivity Of Important Crops In Akola District Of Maharashtra

Prof. Rachana Patil

VISION 2056- International Interdisciplinary Conference At Dr. Baba Sahel Ambedkar College, Chandrapur - March, 2014.

10. Agribusiness Opportunity For Pulse Growing Farmers “A Case Study In Akola District Of Maharashtra, India''

Prof. Rachana Patil

Silver Jubilee Annual Convention At Dr. Panjabrao Deshmukh Agricultural University Akola - February 2014.

11. Store Brands: Who Buys Them And Why?

Prof. Dr. Swapna Pradhan

Reflections 2014 Conference At NIFT, Hyderabad - January 2014.

12. Customer Expectations of Store Attributes: A Study of Supermarkets in Mumbai

Prof. Jyoti Kulkarni

Reflections 2014 Conference At NIFT, Hyderabad - January 2014.

1. Big - Evaluating The Nature Of Data In Indian Corporate

Prof. Dr. Pradeep Pendse, Ms. Minakshi Agarwal and Mr. Ritesh Dhameja

Presented At The First International Conference On Business Analytics And Intelligence, Indian Institute Of Management Bangalore (IIMB) - December 2013.

2. Customer Expectations Of Store Attributes: A Study Of Supermarkets In Mumbai

Prof. Jyoti Kulkarni And Prof. Dr. Swapna Pradhan

Reflections 2014, The International Conference On Fashion, Retail And Management (ICFRM) Organized By National Institute Of Fashion Technology, (NIFT) - December 2013.

3. Developing Library As An Entrepreneurial Resource Center To Achieve Intangible Return On Investment (ROI)

Mr. Giridhar Kunkur

Presented At “International Conference On Entrepreneurial Approaches To Librarianship” Organized At Entrepreneurship Development Institute Of India, Ahmedabad And Has Been Published As Part Of The Proceedings - December, 2013.

4. Are Print Books Taking Back Seats? - Connecting Print Books With Readers In The Digital World

Mr. Giridhar Kunkur

Conference 2013" Held At Tata Consultancy Services, Bangalore In Collaboration With Karnataka State Library Association, Bangalore And Won Best Paper Award - October 2013.

5. A Study Of Viral Campaigns And Success Factors

Prof. Minakshi Agrawal

Excellence In Management: Opportunities And Challenges, Sandip Institute of Technology And Research Center, Nashik - October 2013.

6. Entrepreneurial Approaches To Librarianship

Mr. Giridhar Kunkur

International Conference On Entrepreneurial Approaches To Librarianship - December 2013

7. Forecast Prediction Of Childhood Cancer In Public Health

Prof. Gouri Patil and Dr. Kavita K M

International Journal Of Cancer Research And Prevention, Volume 6, Issue 1-2 - June, 2013.

8. Ra.One - Success Or Failure?

Prof. Indu Mehta and Richard Suman Halder

Presented At 3rd IIMA International Conference On Advanced Data Analysis, Business Analytics And Intelligence - April 2013.

9. Design Education In-School Level With An Objective To Initiate And Nurture A Stronger Design Culture

Prof. Anand James Dev

DDEI Designing Design Education For India Conference In Pune On . Organized By India Design Council - March 2013.

10. Role And Relevance Of Management Accounting Information In Indian MSME Sector

Prof. Vandana Sohoni

Conference On Trends In Management, Engineering And Technology By Abhinav Seva Mandali Trust - March 2013.

11. Social Media Marketing

Prof. Rajesh Aparnath

2nd International Conference On "Recent Trends In Commerce, Economics And Management" Held At Pune. Name Of The Organisers- Smt. C.K. Goyal Arts And Commerce College, Pune And Choice College Of Arts And Commerce, Pune - February 2013.

12. India Refined: We need a Face-Lift

Prof. Chitralekha Kumar

12th AMDISA South Asian Management Forum 2013 - February 2013.

13. When Work Becomes Play - Gamification Of HR

Prof. Vijayan Pankajakshan & Sridevi Nair

IIM Bangalore In Collaboration With AIMS International Conference - January 2013.

14. Strategies And Policies For Collection And Transportation Of Bio-Medical Waste

Prof. Chitralekha Kumar

10th AIMS International Conference On Management 2013 At IIM Bangalore - January 2013.