1. McDonald’s India – Plotting a winning strategy

Prof. Dr. Swapna Pradhan

Emerald Emerging Market Case Studies - March 2018.

1. Does everything that matter need to be measured? Do all that is measured really matter?

Prof. Vijayan Pankajakshan

Presented in Cii-West Zone- Edgefarm- Contest, HR Faculty In Case Writing, Competition - February 2017.

2. First-Generation Entrepreneurship-Dilemmas and Prospects - A Case of Hemlata Foam House

Prof. Dr. Rachana Patil, Prof. Vineel Bhurke

Published in ET cases, Case ID: ENTP-1-0026, ENTP-1-0026A - April 2017.

1. Organization Transformation: The Case for Gamification

Prof. Vijayan Pankajakshan

Presented in CII Case writing Competition, published in Corporate Citizen - August 2016.

2. Women in Leadership from Grass Root Level based on the life of real political Leader - Jyoti Sawant

Prof. Vijayan Pankajakshan, Prof. Shagun Barbade, Avani Thakkar

Presented at FORE Institute of Management International HR & OB Conference - Delhi. - November 2016.

3. Reliance Jio: The Indian Telco Dials D for Disruption

Prof. Dr. Uday Salunkhe, Prof. Sonia Mehrotra, Ishani Chakraborty

Published in ETcases.com - November 2016.

4. Women leader from Grassroot Level

Prof. Shagun Barabde

Presented in international HR & OB Conference by Fore School of Management, Delhi - November 2016.

5. Challenges and critical success factors in Rural Entrepreneurship - A case study of Dahanu, Maharashtra

Prof. Vineel Bhurke

Presented in International Conference on Agricultural Economics - 2016 by Maharashtra Society of Agricultural Economics (MSAE) at Dr. B S Konkan Krishi Vidyapeeth, Dapoli - February 2016.

1. Nisarg Nirman: The Social Farming Venture from India

Prof. Vandana Sohoni Prof. Dr. Anjali Joshi

Emerald Emerging Markets Case Studies) Vol 5:8:2015.pp1-22:ISSN 2045-0621/DOI 10.1108/EEMCS-03-2015-0053 - December 2015.

2. Give them a second Chance

Prof. Dr. V. H. Iyer

Published in Skilling Asia - Equipping youth for employment, Sitaram Rao Livelyhoods Asia Case Study competition - October 2015.

3. YES BANK: innovation in money transfer

Prof. Narasinha Sawaikar

Published in Emerald Emerging Markets Case Studies - July 2015.

4. An Evolving phenomena - V Xpress and its Innovations

Prof. Dr. Sapna Malya

Presented at Fifth Asian Invitational Conference on Family business, Hyderabad - February 2015.

5. Best Buy

Prof. Dr. Pradeep Pemdse

In-house - January 2015.

6. Give them a second chance--am a case study on Yuva Parivartan

Prof. Dr. V.H. Iyer & Prof. Dr. Suniti Nagpurkar

Published in skilling Asia-Equipping youth for employment 2015

1. WOW Popcorn - Go WOW all the way

Prof. Ragini Mohanty

Published in ET CASES - December 2014.

2. The Game Just Got Bigger

Prof. Deepa Dixit

Published by Giving Voice to Values, Babson College & United Nations Global Compact PRME Principle for Responsible Management Education - April 2014.

3. Perfect Transmission Ltd

Prof. Dr. Pradeep Pemdse

In-house - April 2014.

4. Sales planning, Territory coverage, and Manpower planning for ABC Ltd.

Prof. Dr. Ravindra Chiplunkar

Published in The Case Center, UK - June 2014.

5. Portfolio Risk Return Emerging Markets

Prof. Dr. Suyash Bhatt

Ivey Publishing - January 2014.

6. Value Addition of Pigeon pea - A case study in Akola District of Maharashtra

Prof. Dr. Rachana Patil

Published in Research Journal of Agricultural Sciences, Vol. 5 No. 1, Pg No 108-111, ISSN 0976-1675 - January-February 2014.

1. Caselet on MyTee.com

Prof. Dr. Pradeep Pendse

In-house - September 2013.

2. Women Entrepreneurship Contribution of Healthcare Management education in decision making towards entrepreneurship (A case study)

Prof. Ragini Mohanty, Prof. Anjali Chandra Kumar and Sajika Naik

Published in BOSON Academic Publications Pvt. Ltd., World Academics Journal of Management (WAJM) online peer-reviewed International Journal, Vol 01, Issue 01, Page No: 1007, ISSN No: 2321-905X, - September 2013.

3. Business Revival – Pineapple Case Study in PAN Asia Region Jan 2000 till April 2000

Prof. Vasudev Keshav Kamath and Dr. Subhash P. Desai

Published in Variorum: Multi-Disciplinary e-Research Journal, Vol. 03, Issue-IV, Pg. No. 1-5, ISSN 976-9714 - May 2013.

4. Ra.One - Success or Failure?

Prof. Indu Mehta

Presented in 3rd IIMA International Conference on Advanced Data Analysis, Business Analytics and Intelligence - April 2013.