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Welingkar joint research on "Strategies on Alternate Energy based Business ecosystems in rural India" with Stanford Design for Change Centre.

The research is to understand the economic & social needs and technical opportunities in Rural India and generate innovative & integrated strategies for Alternate Energy based Business ecosystems in villages. This study was a joint research between Stanford Design for Change Center and Welingkar.

The study was conducted by students themselves by visiting villages located in Maharashtra and Rajasthan in the month of June and July. About 80 students in groups of two visited approximately 40 villages.

Using ethnographic research methodology, the lifestyle of the profiles of people living in rural India was observed with a focus on recording / capturing the energy interventions in the daily life of people, from dawn to dusk. A diary was maintained by every student to record the observations in the form of conversations or stories told by villagers. This ethnographic research was Phase 1 of the study.

The next part of the study is an ongoing study which involves analysis of all the observations made in Phase 1 to generate frameworks to understand the study conducted and assess the alternate sources of energy available to address economic and social needs and key environmental issues.

After having identified the prevalent challenges and conditions of rural India, the research aims to generate and assess alternate energy strategies that would create business ecosystems to address economic and social needs and key environmental issues, using innovation methodologies to generate novel frameworks of understanding supported by primary field research and secondary research.
Brand Valuation – Students in Action
A team of Welingkar students earned an opportunity to work with Brand Finance, which has carved a niche for itself as an international Brand Valuation major. They were part of the core team responsible for evaluating 'India's Most Valuable Brands-2009' in collaboration with The Economic Times.

 According to the International Accounting Standards, by 2011 the Indian companies will have to value their intangible assets and produce it on their balance sheet. This is a part of the Institute's conscious effort to map future trends and encourage students in defining them.
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The legal entity of the institute remains unchanged as Prin. L. N. Welingkar Institute of Management Development & Research.