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Charles Darwin rocked the establishment with his astonishing theory of Evolution. WeSchool's inventive & immersive pedagogies have much the same effect on Business Management strategies today.
Evolution can be a very long & complex process as any giraffe can tell you (though they don't say much). But business practitioners can hardly be expected to wait for millennia for things to get a move on. Precisely why WeSchool evolved its unique PGP- Entrepreneurship Management Program, based on the world's most advanced TripleA Pedagogy: Acquisition, Application & Assimilation of Knowledge.
The program consist of two semesters, spread across 11 months. In every month on week is devoted to classroom based Acquisition of Knowledge, three weeks to Application of Knowledge in your own business & one day for Assimilation, Thus in just seven days a month on campus and with the added advantage of Global Outreach, you're ready to go beyond the low hanging fruits (let the competition squabble over them).
Giraffes may not say much but sticking your neck out has its sure-shot rewards.
Admission Open - click here to apply
11 month Post Graduate Program in Entrepreneureship Management August 2014-15 batch
Prin. L. N. Welingkar Institute of Management Development & Research
Lakhamshi Napoo Road, Near Matunga (Central Rly.), Mumbai- 400 019. Tel.: 022- 24198300/ 24178300
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Call/SMS 9773707722 / 9619906337 / 9967823311
WeSchool is the brand identity of Prin. L. N. Welingkar Institute of Management Development & Research which is the legal entity of the institute.