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WeSchool, through the years has worked towards providing its students with as much practical and industry knowledge as possible with an emphasis on holistic development. There have been several experts from diverse fields across the globe, who have visited the campus to share their expertise and knowledge. This gives our students an opportunity to interact with these experts and upgrade their knowledge and skill sets to meet the challenges of the corporate world and thereby imbibe the unique WeSchool identity. Few of the experts who have visited the campus and addressed our students are as follows:
Swamy Parthasarthy
Swamy Parthasarthy
The course on the Art of Self Management has been introduced as part of the curriculum. The course is based on Vedanta, an ancient philosophy of India. It attempts to infuse amongst students the eternal wisdom into modern life for peaceful and productive living.

Swamy Parthasarathy, a pre-eminent philosopher, who after decades of intense research, has pioneered practical techniques of Self-Management. He has founded the Vedanta Academy to impart Vedanta knowledge to young students from all over the world. The students are exposed to lectures by Swamy Parthasarthy and also the alumni of the Vedanta Academy.

Topics such Stress Management, Relationship Management, Ego, Qualities of a leader, Elements for Success, etc, are discussed. The focus is to impart practical techniques of Self-Management to increase productivity, reduce stress and develop the essential components of leadership amongst students as the foundation of business management is self-management. It urges them to understand and acquire the elements such as, the importance of original thinking, clarity of thinking, matured and objective decision making, greater personal efficiency and productivity.

All these are aimed to trigger students to think independently and clearly and thereby gain that elusive combination-efficiency at work and mental equanimity within.
Dr.Stanley Ridgley
Dr. Stanley Ridgley
Assistant Professor, General and Strategic Management, at Fox School of Business, Temple University, holding a Doctorate and Masters in International Relations from Duke University and an International MBA from Temple University, Fox School of Business and Management, with a focus on Russian Business Culture.

He was invited by our Institute to conduct a fortnight's course on International Business for all full time students in August 2009. This was another initiative by our Institute to give the students an exposure to International teaching practices, besides of course bringing in practical experiential learning on the table.
Dr. V. Kumar
Dr. V. Kumar
Dr. V Kumar is the Richard and Susan Lenny Distinguished Chair Professor in Marketing, and the Executive Director of the Center for Excellence in Brand and Customer Management, and the Director of the PhD. Program in Marketing at the J. Mack Robinson School of Business, Georgia State University.

He has taken sessions in International Market Research, Product & Brand Management, and will be taking sessions in Direct & Databased Marketing along with Customer Relationship Marketing, for all our full time Marketing Specialization students, leading to awarding of “Certificate of Specialization in Brand & Customer Management”.

This was a special initiative taken by our Institute to upgrade our academic standards, where our students got first hand exposure to teaching methods of International Institutes, and also honed their skill sets to reach the best levels of competencies in their fields of specialization. Dr. Kumar had also conducted an interactive symposium on “Managing Brands and Customers for Profit” on the 5th of December, 2009 as a part of this initiative.
Prof. Dr. Prasad Kaipa
Prof. Dr. Prasad Kaipa
Dr Prasad Kaipa is a strategic advisor and a coach to CEOs, board members and senior executives in Fortune 500 companies like Disney, Adobe and Sun etc.

Presently, he is the Executive Director of the Centre of Leadership, Innovation and Change (CLIC) at the Indian School of Business, Hyderabad and professor part-time at the Saybrook Graduate School.

Dr. Kaipa has delivered the course on “Wisdom Practices” to our Welingkar students. In this subject, his approach has been to integrate concepts of spiritual education, scientific knowledge and research and business awareness together to help students to ignite their genius.

The course urges students to discover and explore the subtle difference between religion, spirituality and wisdom with emphasis on the importance of wisdom practices in one's life.
Prof. Sven Hamrefores
Prof. Sven Hamrefores
Theme: Business design for opportunity creation

The Business Design students went through a 40 hour module on Innovation and entrepreneurship, conducted by Prof.Sven Hamrefores, Associate Professor at Mälardalen University, Sweden.

The module dealt with organizational alertness driving innovation, entrepreneurial behaviour and strategic positioning.

The scope of lectures included:
  1. The societal prerequisites for innovation and entrepreneurial behaviour. The emergence of value networks,
    creating more dependency, speediness and uncertainty in interaction between actors. First and second mover advantages, the difference between creators and seizers of business opportunities.

  2. Individual prerequisites for opportunity attention. The cognitive prerequisites related to chaos theory. The importance of enactment.

  3. Organisational prerequisites for opportunity attention. Variety of organisational attention behaviour. Design of processes, structural elements, social interaction and knowledge transfer.

  4. Business Intelligence operation. Organisational principles, purpose, staffing and process of a BI-function.
Dr. Vijay Govindarajan
Dr. Vijay Govindarajan
Theme: Making breakthrough innovations possible

Professor at Tuck School at Dartmouth, Chief Innovation Consultant at General Electric, Thought-Leader on Strategy and Innovation.

In our bid to constantly bring about interaction with the best in the field and to create learning opportunities, we are constantly organizing lectures, seminars and conferences that bring in some of the leading minds in the business to Welingkar.

In one more such attempt, we invited Dr. Vijay Govindarajan, Professor at Tuck School at Dartmouth, Chief Innovation Consultant at General Electric, Thought-Leader on Strategy and Innovation to deliver a seminar at Welingkar on 26th August, 2008 on “Making breakthrough innovations possible”. He has published seven books, including the international best seller Ten Rules for Strategic Innovators: From Idea to Execution.

He works with CEOs and top management teams in Global Fortune 500 firms to discuss, challenge and escalate their thinking about strategy.
Sten Ekman
Sten Ekman
Theme: Three Approaches to Innovation

Sten Ekman is Doctor/PhD and Senior Lecturer at Mälardalen University, Sweden. Ph.D (Teknologie doctor) in Industrial Work Science and Ergonomics at the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH), Stockholm. He was Head of Department of Innovation, Design & Product Development in 2000-2005 and Founder of The Innovation Programme (IMTO®) in 1997 at Mälardalen University. Annalill Ekman Ph.D in Education, Department of Education, Uppsala University, Sweden. “Learning Organizations in Theory and Practice - Apoteket learns”, Senior lecturer in Innovation Science & Management and CEO in Ekman Consulting AB.

The following Three Approaches to Innovation were presented and discussed in a session with the corporate representatives. The approaches created a common knowledge base of The Innovation Imperative in a Global.

Context in interaction with Design and Leader-ship.

  1. Innovation for Sustainability & Growth

  2. Design Inspired Innovation

  3. Leadership for Innovation
Prof. Sven Arrelov and Prof. Haken Lindgren
Prof. Sven Arrelov and Prof. Haken Lindgren

The Business Design students went through a 40 hour course on SIMBIZ- An interactive business, management and strategy simulation at a strategic level conducted by Prof. Sven Arrelov and Prof. Haken Lindgren from the Department of Innovation design and product development, Mälardalen University, Sweden.

The course included the following areas:
Marketing including after market
Logistics including purchasing and production
Human Resources / Competence
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