Faculty Research Publications

A flavor of various topics by some of our faculty who have published recently. We school eminent faculty have authored research papers on eclectic subjects.

Research Publications (International)

Faculty Title of the Research Paper Details of the Journal Date/Month/Year
Prof. Jyoti Kulkarni and Prof. Dr. Swapna Pradhan Customer Expectations of store attributes: A study of supermarkets in Mumbai Accepted for presentation and publication at, Reflections 2014, the International Conference on Fashion, Retail and Management (ICFRM) organized by National Institute of Fashion Technology, (NIFT). December, 2013
NHRDN Mumbai Chapter:
Ms. Mona Cheriyan, Mr. Marcel Parker, Ms. Sonali Roychowdhury, Dr. Ketna L. Mehta, Ms. Sushmita Rath and Gemma Dias

Bright Horizons Workforce Consulting:
Andrea Wicks Bowles, Kim Callaway and Kristin Henderson
Obstacles to An Emerging Economy - The Imperative of Nurturing Women in India’s Workforce Presented and published in the NHRDN conference proceedings & Aweshkar journal December, 2013
Prof. Dr. Pradeep Pendse, Ms. Minakshi Agarwal and Mr. Ritesh Dhameja Big - Evaluating the Nature of Data in Indian Corporate Presented at the first International Conference on Business Analytics and Intelligence, Indian Institute of Management Bangalore (IIMB) 11th - 13th December, 2013
Prof. Dr. Savitri S. Kulkarni, Chandni Tolaney and Shefali Gupta HR'S Role: Roadmap from Transactional to Transformational International Journal "Research Journal of Social Science & Management" (e-journal) promoted by National Library, Singapore by TIJ Research Publications PTE. LTD., - a leading Publishing House in Singapore, with the ISSN No. : 2251-1571. December, 2013
Prof.(Dr). Suyash Bhatt An Intricate Multiple-Factor Approach To Evaluate Performance Of Indian Mutual Fund European Journal of Business and Economics, Vol. 8, Issue 2, Pg. No. 1 - 5, ISSN No. 1804-5839 October, 2013
Prof. Gouri Patil and Prof. Dr. Kavita Kalyandurgmath Modeling Infant cancers with joint regression analysis Nova Science Journal (New York) September, 2013
Prof.(Dr). Suyash Bhatt An Empirical Study to Evaluate CAMELS Rating System on Indian Banks Journal of Applied Management and Investments, Volume 2-Issue 3 - (http://www.jami.org.ua/abstracts2-3.htm) 2013
Prof. Aparna Krishnamoorthy and Prof Shekar Prabhakar, Bangalore Case Study - Hasirudala – Transforming Marginalized Wastepickers to Enterprising Entrepreneurs Richard Ivey Publishing House September, 2013
Prof. Kaustubh Dhargalkar Thinking outside the B-School box BizED, Pg. No. 38-41 September - October, 2013
Dr. Swapna Pradhan Consumer India : The Metamorphosis Winter 2012 / 13 issue of The Retail Digest. This is published by the Oxford Institute of Retail Management, Said Business School, University of Oxford, 14-17 July - December, 2012
Dr. Sonia Mehrotra, Bangalore Robert Bosch Engineering and Business Solutions (RBEI): Catalyzing Growth on Non Linear Engineering Tools and Pack of all trades - Manjushree Technopak Richard Ivey Publishing House August, 2013
Prof Shekar Prabhakar, Prof Madhavi Lokhande, (Bangalore) and Prof. Prasad Naik, Professor, University of California, Davis. Case Study : Titan Raga - Evolving the brand with the changing consumer Richard Ivey Publishing House August, 2013
Prof. Gouri Patil and Dr. Kavita K M Forecast prediction of childhood cancer in Public Health International Journal of Cancer Research and Prevention, Volume 6, Issue 1-2 June, 2013
Dr. Anand K Joshi, Dr.Madhavi Lokhande and Prof. Savitha G, Bangalore Case - Micro Labs Limited: Planning for Future Richard Ivey Publishing House - It can be accessed at https://www.iveycases.com/ProductView.aspx?id=57777 3rd April, 2013
Prof Chitralekha Kumar, Prof. Anjali Kumar, Rashmi Mulay and Gargi Phadnis A Critical Analysis of Health Insurance Portability in India Online Journal - "Acme Intellects International Journal of Research in Management- Reforms through Research" ISSN 2320-2793, Vol. 2, No. 2, Pp No. 1-17 (Online) - http://acmeintellects.org/index.php/april-2013-vol-2-no-2/113-current-volume-april-2013-vol-2-no-2 April, 2013
Prof. Indu Mehta and Richard Suman Halder Ra.One—Success or Failure? Presented in 3rd IIMA International Conference on Advanced Data Analysis, Business Analytics and Intelligence 13th -14th April, 2013
Prof. Vijayan Pankajakshan and Sridevi Nair When Work becomes Play - Gamification of HR Presented at IIM Bangalore in collaboration with AIMS International conference. 6th - 9th January,2013
Prof.Roopa Adyasha, Bangalore Team communications for the new-age workforce: A Qualitative Study Presented at IIM Bangalore in collaboration with AIMS International conference. Also published in conference proceedings under Organisation Behaviour category in Proceedings (Tenth AIMS International Conference on Management (AIMS-10) jointly organized by Indian Institute of Management Bangalore) 6th - 9th January,2013
Prof. Dr. Suyash Bhatt Indian Direct to Home (DTH) Market: Dish TV Ltd - Case Study Reviewed in ecch (European Case Clearing House) - on-line case search database November, 2012
Prof. Asha Mathew, Bangalore Security  and  Privacy Issues of Cloud Computing; Solutions and Secure Framework Zenith: International Journal of Multidisciplinary Research, Volume : 2, Issue : 4, Pp. No. 182-193 April, 2012
Ms. Chitralekha Kumar Working Women to working mother : The Transition in the Indian Society Select Papers- Centre for Public Policy, IIM Bangalore, Pp. No. 103 - 107 16th – 18th August, 2012
Prof. Dr. Savitri Kulkarni, Prof. Ravi Vaidee, Prof. Dr. Nitin Joshi and Prof. Dr. B N Chatterjee A Competency Model for Marketing Professionals International Journal of Marketing April, 2012
Prof. Dr. Suyash Bhatt Capital Structure and Turnaround Strategies using Altman’s z-score models Asian Journal of research in business economics and management, Volume 2, Issue 7, ISSN: 2249-7307, Pp. No. 102 - 113 July, 2012
Mr. Giridhar Kunkur and Prof. Dr. Pradeep Pendse Portal is Vital: Making libraries relevant and responsive to changing user requirements International Conference on Creating Wisdom and Knowledge through Shared Learning: Roles of Librarians and Information Managers held at Indian Institute of Management Indore, Pp. No. 372- 380 11th - 13th October, 2012
Prof. Anuja Agarwal and Prof. Dr. Uday Salunkhe Impact of including Design thinking competencies in Management Education - An Experimental Study 2012 DMI International Research Conference in Boston, conference proceedings of The DMI International Research conference and is also being considered for publication in the DMI (Design Management Institute) Journal in 2013. 9th August, 2012
Prof. Dr. Suyash Bhatt VAR Analysis for Top 10 Mutual Funds in USA Viz-A-Viz their Benchmark Indices The International Research Journal of Economics & Business Studies-ISSN 2251-1555 2011
Prof. Dr. Savitri Kulkarni Talent & Performance Management – Challenges & Practices in India Human Resource Manager, Germany : The Paper was translated and published into German language. November, 2011
Prof. Indu Mehta Case Study - FINO- " Countdown 2011"- How to achieve financial Inclusion objective through technology- A case study on FINO IIMA case repository * *secured 1st position at IIMA 2011 international case competition in evolving financial landscape category. July, 2011
Prof. Gouri Patil Training and Analysis of Neural Network Model International Journal of Scientific and Engineering Research, Marseille Area, France April, 2011
Prof. Dr. Kavita K. M Analysis of Brand Loyalty with Markov Chains International Journal of Research in Commerce and Management (IJRCM) January, 2011
Prof. Dr. Kavita K.M and Prof. Gouri Patil Geographic Information System (GIS) – for Business Analytics International Journal of Scientific and Engineering Research (IJSER) - (ISSN 2229-5518). Paper ID: I069577 October, 2011
Prof. Dr. Uday Salunkhe, Prof. Anuja Agarwal, Prof. Sten Ekman and Prof. Annalille Ekman Design Inspired Innovation for Rural India Impacting Society through Engineering Design-Journal of ICED11 conference proceedings, Vol II, Pp. No.261, Denmark Technical University 2011
Prof. Dr. Ragini Mohanty and Prof Dr Utkarsh Shah Private Sector in Indian Healthcare Delivery: Consumer Perspective and Government Policies to promote private Sector Information Management and Business Review (IMBR) - an open access peer reviewed journal (ISSN 2220-3796) of International Foundation and Research Development, Vol. 1, No. 2, Pp. No. 79-87 December, 2010
Prof. Dr. V. H. Iyer Bhopal Gas Tragedy International Management Journal of IBS, Mumbai June, 2010
Prof. Swar Kranti Leadership: The Indian Melange The international magazine ‘Global Focus’ and The EFMD Business Magazine, Volume 05, Issue 01, Pp. No. 48-51 2010
Prof. N. Chandrashekhar & Prof. Dr. Swapna Pradhan Organised Retail and its impact on the bottom of the pyramid - an India Specific Study International Journal of Management Cases, Volume 11, Issue 2, ISNN 1741-6264 April, 2009

Research Publications (National)

Faculty Title of the Research Paper Details of the Journal Date/Month/Year
Mr. Giridhar Kunkur Are print books taking back seats? - Connecting Print Books with readers in the digital world Presented a paper in Soference 2013" held at Tata Consultancy Services, Bangalore in collaboration with Karnataka State Library Association, Bangalore and won Best Paper Award 19-20 October, 2013
Prof. Indu Mehta FINO - “Countdown 2011” - How to achieve Financial Inclusion Objective through Technology - a Case study on FINO Welingkar Research Journal aWEshkar, Vol. XVI, Issue 2, Pp. No. 77-101, ISSN 0974-1119 September, 2013
Prof. A.K.N. Prasad, Ruan Ningzhen, Swapnil Wani and Akshay Chintawar ARPU in Telecom Sector: A Study on Its Impacts and Trends Welingkar Research Journal aWEshkar, Vol. XVI, Issue 2, Pp. No. 67-76, ISSN 0974-1119 September, 2013
Dr. Anjali Joshi Teaching organizational behaviour using student-centric approach Welingkar Research Journal aWEshkar, Vol. XVI, Issue 2, Pp. No. 43-58, ISSN 0974-1119 September, 2013
Dr.Githa Heggde, Bangalore Leadership style, employee work effort and sales job performance: The influence of national culture- A study conducted in India and USA won the gold medal for J L Batra best research paper award at the AIMS convention, 2013 August, 2013
Prof. Dr. Suyash Bhatt Art Investment: An Emerging Asset Class for Indian Investors Indian Journal of Finance (Vol. 7, No. 8, Pg. No. 35-42) - a Double Peer Reviewed Research Journal with an IC (Index Copernicus) Value of 5.09 and NAAS (The National Academy of Agricultural Sciences) Rating - 3.4 with an ISSN: 0973-8711. August, 2013
Prof. Dr. Suyash Bhatt An Intricate Multiple-factor approach to study influence of analyst recommendations on Indian Stock Market Returns Pravara Management Review, Vol. 12, No. 1, Pg. No. 2-10 , ISSN No. 2278-0165 January - June, 2013
Dr. Kavita K M , Shrey Agrawal, Yogesh Bhagchandani Measuring Service Quality using SERVQUAL Model: A Study on courier services in India DCAS Journal of Management and IT Applications, Vol. III No. 1, ISSN No. : 2277-9728, Pp. No. 63-69 January - June, 2013
Prof. Vasudev Keshav Kamath and Dr. Subhash P. Desai Business Revival – Pineapple Case Study in PAN Asia Region Jan 2000 till April 2000 Variorum: Multi-Disciplinary e-Research Journal, Vol.03, Issue-IV, Pg. No. 1-5, ISSN 976-9714 May, 2013
Mr. Vasudev Kamath and Dr. Subhash Desai Innovative Strategy with Killer Instinct to WIN - Service Delivery Contract in PAN ASIA region - Implementation of ERP System, SAP R/3 Implementation for a Global Multi-national company for their operations in 10 Asian Countries Entire Research, National Quarterly Research Journal (Peer Reviewed), Vol. 5, Issue - II, Pp No. 16- 19 (ISSN 0975-5020) April, 2013
Prof. Vasudev Kamath Collaborative Learning: Systems Integration in imparting Knowledge for Effective learning and Knowledge Acquisition during Class-room sessions for Higher Education – B-Schools Rexjournal - Renewable Research Journal, JJT University & COSIA, Pg. No. 1 - 9 23rd March, 2013
Prof. Dr. Githa Heggde, Bangalore Luxury Market - Will India beat China? Indian Management, A Business Standard Publication (The Journal of AIMA - All India Management Association), Volume 52, issue 3, Pp. No. 24 – 27 March 2013
Prof. Dr. Vijaya Manerikar and Prof. Sumeet Manerikar Research Communication: Glossary of Research Terms Welingkar Research Journal aWEshkar, Vol. XV, Issue 1, Pp. No. 108, ISSN 0974-1119 March, 2013
Ms. Roopa Adyasha, Bangalore Case Study - A Motivated Employee: A Qualitative Study on various Motivational Practices used in Organizations Welingkar Research Journal aWEshkar, Vol. XV, Issue 1, Pp. No. 98-103, ISSN 0974-1119 March, 2013
Ms. Ashwini Dhage and Prof. AKN Prasad, Bangalore Impact of Infrastructure sharing on Indian Telecom Sector Welingkar Research Journal aWEshkar, Vol. XV, Issue 1, Pp. No. 71-78, ISSN 0974-1119 March, 2013
Prof. V. R. Murali Mohan and Dr. Anil Rao Paila, Bangalore Stakeholder Management in Infrastructure/Construction Projects: The Role of Stakeholder Mapping and Social Network Analysis (SNA) Welingkar Research Journal aWEshkar, Vol. XV, Issue 1, Pp. No. 48-61, ISSN 0974-1119 March, 2013
Prof. Dr. P. S. Rao and Prof. Dr. Uday Salunkhe 21st Century HRD Issues - Challenges for the future Welingkar Research Journal aWEshkar, Vol. XV, Issue 1, Pp. No. 39-47, ISSN 0974-1119 March, 2013
Ms. Chitralekha Kumar and Prisoomit P. Nayak India: Towards Better Management of Tourism Welingkar Research Journal aWEshkar, Vol. XV, Issue 1, Pp. No. 18-22, ISSN 0974-1119 March, 2013
Prof. Vijayan Pankajakshan The Return of the Employee Relations and Industrial Relations Discipline Welingkar Research Journal aWEshkar, Vol. XV, Issue 1, Pp. No. 8-9, ISSN 0974-1119 March, 2013
Prof. Dr. Ketna L. Mehta Experiential Marketing: A radical new idea for the Indian Disability Sector Welingkar Research Journal aWEshkar, Vol. XV, Issue 1, Pp. No. 10, ISSN 0974-1119 March, 2013
Prof. Bijoy Bhattacharyya and Ms. Swati Pradhan Strengthening banks’ shock-absorbing capacity Economy & Industry – A Confederation of Indian Industry Initiative, Vol. 1 Issue 5, Pp. No. 42 – 44 February – March, 2013
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