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About WeBiz

The Spirit Of WeBiz


‘We’ in WeBiz stands for leadership through collaborative working

‘B’ stands for Budding Business leaders

‘I’ for Innovative Thinkers

‘Z’ for Zealous Entrepreneurs

  • It is a platform to promote Holistic Networking and synergy between the Leaders Of Tomorrow and Leaders Of Today
  • Powered by Innovation,Thought Leadership and Excellence to forge a Brighter future

List of Competitions

List of Competitions


(Video making competition)

Display your video making skills at AWesmarniya and portray your thoughts and ideas, before some highly talented competitors and esteemed jury members. Put your thoughts into action in a 1-2 minutes video, and we'll see who does it in the best way possible. Be here, not just to showcase, but also to learn from your competitors.


(Case Study Competition)

Participants will be given real-world scenarios of companies, in which they'll have to identify the problems faced by the company and suggest feasible solutions, using their creative ideas and eye for detail, infront of the industry experts. You win or you lose, but there's something to learn for everyone here. So bring out the Chanakya in you at Wemarsh.


(Business Plan Competition)

WeBizFest'20 is providing a platform for all prospective student entrepreneurs to pull out their ideas, innovate and pitch their business plans to the expert panel. It's a great opportunity to interact with Business and Startup experts, who bring their domain knowledge on the table and give you a chance to think about the varied possibilities of your business plan.


(Corporate Quiz)

WeBizFest'20 brings to you an industry-based Corporate Quiz, AnubhaWe, where the participants will need to scratch their heads and bring out their best of brainpower to compete with the smartest of Quizzards in the business domain.


(Research Paper)

Pool your research ideas and present your Research Paper at WeChaar infront of esteemed jury members from the Business and Research fields. An amazing opportunity for participants to sharpen their comprehension and creativity, WeBizFest'20 is your place to be at for presenting your structured ideas in front of some of the brightest minds in the country.



At WeBizFest'20, you don't just get to compete, but also get to learn and grasp at Wedvaan. Grab the opportunity to learn from and interact with industry experts, who'll be here to teach and share their experiences and industry knowledge with all of us. So come, learn.

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Event Schedule

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