Program USP

The USP of the program is that it provides the student with a unique opportunity to develop himself/herself in the following areas

  • Quantitative techniques from basics to advanced
  • A wide variety of Analytics technologies ranging from SPSS to SAS and open source technologies including statistical programming languages
  • Qualitative research techniques and Design thinking approaches
  • An emphasis on Information design which helps transform data into very intuitive infographics and visual analytics solutions

PGDM - Research & Business Analytics

Program Overview

With the proliferation of ubiquitous technology we now have an enormous amount of data about every customer, supplier, product and partners of a company. The PGDM Business Analytics program has therefore been designed to be a program which helps a student to become a versatile analyst and sense-maker, a design thinker and innovator and a risk taker and leader. And thus we have PGDM in Research and Business Analytics for you.

Program Pedagogy

Consistent with the purpose of the program the pedagogy for the PGDM Business Analytics Program is one which seeks to inculcate/nurture

  • his/her ability to learn, and make him/her versatile in terms of the business situations and analytical tools and techniques
  • ability to make sense of the real environment through immersive study as well through intense analysis of available facts and data
  • hands on approach
  • challenge his/her ability to think creatively

Program Outcome

  • The outcome of this program is seen in the form of a student, who is strong in his/her business foundation and functional specialization/ industry knowledge and is now well grounded in quantitative and qualitative methods.
  • Comfortable in dealing with data and an ability to gain insight and present it effectively.
  • Versatile in use of a wide variety of technology tools and platforms.
  • A hands on person who is also a Design thinker who can provide creative and strategic solutions to business problems.

Equally, such a student would help interpret the data analysis done by a data scientist and interpret it in the business context and provide strategic consulting suggestions on the same.


Some of the Companies who have visited our campus for Summer Internships

  • VFS Global/ Axis Bank/ Tata Housing Development Company / Zeba India Pvt Ltd/ Keystone Realtors​