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11 Month, Full Time

Batch Starts - July 2024


Graduates from any stream from a recognized university with a minimum 50% can apply (final year graduating students, awaiting for results can also apply)

Program fee

4 lacs* + GST as applicable.

Flexible EMI options available

Lecture delivery - Classroom-based

Career Opportunities


Marketing Management

Digital Media

Film Marketing & Distribution

Public Relations

OTT & New-Age Media

Integrated Marketing Communication

Celebrity Marketing and Management

Television and Print Media

About program

The media and entertainment Industry in India is gearing up to the global standards. Professional Management expertise is becoming imperative in all media and entertainment organizations. The industry demands media managers who are conversant with the elements of business administration as well as the domain expertise of the media industry.

Welingkar, with an excellent track-record of sculpting management professionals in varied sectors now looks forward to set a new brand of professionals in the media and entertainment segment.

The 11 month full time Post Graduate Program in Media and entertainment is a unique combination of theoretical and practical learning. In this intensive program the students get to learn the technicalities of the industry in the class, and also get an equal chance to put this learning into practice during the 2 month Capstone Project which form an integral part of the program.

Why Enrol at Welingkar

Unique Features

Convenient class timings

Guidance from Industry experts

Cutting-edge curriculum

Strong industry exposure

Strong blend of theory and projects

Job ready program

Your learning Experience

11 months, full time program inclusive of 9 month classroom based training and 2 months Capstone Project with industry on media trends

9 months classroom training includes a strong bend of theory & live projects during the program

Interactive classroom sessions, case studies, guest lectures, live projects, onsite visits, workshops form an integral part of the program

Guidance from the Advisory board and mentoring from the industry experts forms an important part of the learning Career opportunities on completion of the program


Media Manager
in 11 Months


Student Journey

Integrated Media Manager in 11 Months

Classroom Sessions
Case Study
Guest Sessions
Online Visits
Event Workshop
Capstone Project

Our Alumni Work at

Disclaimer: Representation/Use of any third-party trademarks including logos herein is merely to indicate that these companies were at the WeSchool Campus for the student recruitment process.


Few institutions can boast of bridging the gap between academics and the industry, like us. Hailing from the S.P. Mandali Trust - one of the oldest in India; Prin. L.N.Welingkar Institute of Management Development and Research (WeSchool) has come to be known as one of the torchbearers for progressive higher education today. Shaping the business giants of tomorrow, we run every program keeping in mind the continuously altering socio-economic world we live in






Ans: Media and Communication or mass media is a field with immense scope. It’s a field that many youngsters today desire to make a mark. The skills developed during the program make you highly creative and an even better communicator. Also, there’s a strong requirement for skilled manpower which opens a wide range of career opportunities for you. It is said “A great institution has the lion's share in the student's growth”, hence choosing the right institute or college is an important factor. WeSchool offers Post Graduate Program in Media And Entertainment and is one such Institute that offers India’s First Integrated program in Media. In which you can Master 11 skills in 11 Months and get multiple career opportunities. With a media & Entertainment program, you can see yourself working in various fields including public relations, advertising, marketing, broadcasting, journalism, writing, and filmmaking. After completion of this course, Students can opt for Job in: · Media planner · Multimedia Specialist · Program researcher, broadcasting/film · Public Relations Manager · Sports Management · Celebrity Management · Digital Marketing Specialist · Social media manager · Television/film/video producer · Web content manager There are a few avenues where your degree would be useful. : · Advertising account executive · Broadcast journalist · Editorial Assistant · Event manager · Film director, Marketing, Distribution · Magazine Journalist · Market Researcher · UX designer · Writer Options are immense and the scope is huge, so don’t worry and enrol yourself now & take the first step towards success. I hope this information or answer makes you confident and satisfied.

Ans: Welingkar's Postgraduate Program in Media and Entertainment is a masterpiece of its kind unlike other diploma and Master’s programs. Its comprehensive curriculum covers trending topics like advertising, media, marketing and entertainment. This 11-month postgraduate program gives students a holistic understanding of the media and entertainment industry. The program integrates elements of both advertising and marketing that give students a broader scope of learning and prepare them for diverse roles in these said fields. Additionally, our focus on practical learning ensures that students gain practical hands-on experience through industry capstone projects and regular assignments, enhancing their employability in the industry. A specialized program in Media and Entertainment, such as a postgraduate certification program from Welingkars, typically offers a more in-depth and comprehensive curriculum compared to other advertising diploma programs in the market. Here are some key differences: 1. Curriculum: Welingkars Post Graduate Program in Media and Entertainment covers a wider range of topics and offers more specialized courses tailored to the media and entertainment industry. They may include courses in advertising, public relations, film, television, digital media, and more, providing students with a broader understanding of the industry. 2. Depth of Study: Our PG program typically delves deeper into the theoretical foundations and practical applications of media and entertainment concepts. The course indulges in more hands-on experiences, internships, and industry projects that help students gain practical skills and industry exposure. 3. Intensity: Our curriculum is more intensive compared to other college diplomas. They may require a greater time commitment and involve more rigorous coursework. 4. Career Opportunities: Our course Alumni often have a competitive edge in the job market and may have access to a wider range of career opportunities compared to others in the market. Our M&E program is more likely to have strong industry connections due to Welingkars deep industry roots. 5. Recognition and Accreditation: Our PG Program in Media and Entertainment is often recognized and accredited by industry bodies, which can enhance the credibility and value of the qualification. In contrast, other diploma programs in media and entertainment may provide a more general overview of the industry and may not offer the same depth of study or specialisations that we do. However, other diplomas can still give basic for individuals seeking entry-level positions in the industry or looking to gain basic knowledge and skills in media and entertainment. But for those specifically interested in recognition and value in advertising and public relations, our post-graduation program offers specialized tracks and elective courses tailored to company goals. Overall, our postgraduate program offers a unique blend of academic rigour, practical experience, and industry exposure, unlike other post-graduation programs or Masters in Advertising and Marketing. This, therefore, makes our program an ideal choice for students from BMM advertising backgrounds, seeking to pursue post-graduation from Mumbai.

Ans:At Welingkar's, our Post Graduate Program in Advertising and Public Relations curriculum is meticulously designed to strike a harmonious balance between theoretical knowledge and practical skills essential for the industry, unlike other Masters programs in Advertising and Public Relations. As one of the best PR Institutes in India, we understand the importance of equipping students with a comprehensive understanding of concepts while ensuring they develop practical skills that are directly applicable in real-world scenarios. Topics on public relations and communications are structured to blend theoretical frameworks with practical hands-on experiences, such as case studies, simulations, and industry projects. This approach not only enhances students' theoretical understanding but also hones their practical skills, such as media relations, crisis communication, and strategic planning. Our curriculum on Public Relations, which is a part of our comprehensive Advertising and Public Relations program, focuses on combining theory with practical experience. This approach helps students develop a deep understanding of public relations concepts while also gaining the skills needed for real-world applications. Our goal is to prepare students for diverse and challenging roles in the industry by providing them with an all-rounder education approach. Some successful ideas are given below 1. Hands-on Projects: Incorporate hands-on projects into our curriculum to simulate real-world scenarios. This includes creating media campaigns, producing films or videos, or developing marketing strategies. 2. Internships and Industry Partnerships: Provide opportunities for students to interact with media and entertainment companies for practical exposure. 3. Guest Lectures and Workshops: We at Welingkars, invite media industry professionals to give guest lectures or conduct workshops to share their insights and experiences with students. 4. Case Studies: Use case studies of real-world media and entertainment projects from Industries to help students understand theoretical concepts in a practical context. 5. Industrial Visits and Collaborations: Our Media and Entertainment PG Program offers students the opportunity to gain firsthand experience and build connections during these Industrial Visits and other corporate Events. 6. Practical Training workshops: Set up workshops equipped with industry-standard software and equipment where students learn how to work in the media industry with the help of Media Props. 7. Feedback and Evaluation: Provide constructive feedback on students' practical work to help them improve and apply theoretical knowledge effectively. By incorporating these strategies, we at Welingkars ensure that students in this domain develop both the theoretical knowledge and practical skills necessary to succeed in the industry.

Ans: The postgraduate program in Media and Entertainment from Welingkar Institute holds significant market value, bolstered by several key factors. The program's track record of 16 successful batches over 16 years is a testament to its quality and relevance in the ever-evolving media and entertainment industry. The program also benefits from a strong alumni base providing valuable networking opportunities and industry insights for current and future students. Unlike other MBAs in Media and Entertainment, the program's comprehensive curriculum is regarded as one of the best courses related to media and entertainment. There are many short-term programs in media and entertainment, but the 11-month postgraduate program in Media and Entertainment from Welingkar Institute is highly valued in the market due to its rich legacy, strong institutional backing, academic excellence, and robust alumni network. Not to forget Welingkars association with SP Mandali, a renowned 140-year-old educational society which is a mark of credibility and market reputation. With a legacy spanning 47 years and two generations of successful alumni, Welingkars has established itself as a leader in providing quality education across the board. The institute's consistent ranking among the top 100 institutions in the National Institutional Ranking Framework (NIRF) and its status as the No. 1 Private Business School in Mumbai underscore its academic excellence and industry relevance.

Ans: No, the 11-month program in Media and Entertainment at Welingkar Institute does not include a specific journalism course. However, our program is designed to provide a comprehensive understanding of the media and entertainment industry, covering various aspects such as advertising, public relations, film, television, and digital media. While we do not offer a standalone journalism course, our curriculum is structured to equip students with the knowledge and skills needed to excel in journalism-related roles within the media and entertainment sector. For students specifically interested in journalism, we recommend exploring specialized programs such as an MBA in Journalism and Mass Communication from reputed colleges, including some of the best colleges in Mumbai for journalism or a Masters in Journalism and Mass Communication from top institutions in India, which offer focused coursework in media and journalism.

Ans:The 11-month program at Welingkar Institute offers a comprehensive curriculum with specializations in: OTT and New Age Media: Focuses on emerging trends and technologies in the media industry, including over-the-top (OTT) platforms and digital content delivery. Advertising and PR: Covers principles and practices of advertising, as well as strategies for effective public relations. Brand and Marketing Management: Explores concepts related to brand building, market analysis, and strategic marketing management. Integrated Marketing Communications: Examines the integration of various marketing communication tools and channels for cohesive brand messaging. Media Budgeting and Finance: Provides insights into managing budgets and financial aspects of media projects and campaigns. Digital Media: Focuses on digital platforms, strategies, and tools for effective digital marketing and communication. Radio, Television, and Print Media: Covers the fundamentals of traditional media platforms and their role in the media industry. Film Marketing and Distribution: Explores concepts of Film Making, Its Marketing strategies and distribution channels specific and relevant to the film industry. Event Management: Covers planning, execution, and management of events in the media and entertainment industry. Celebrity and Sports Management: Focuses on managing celebrity and sports personalities, including endorsements and event management. Content Marketing: Explores strategies for creating and distributing valuable, relevant content to attract and engage a target audience. This diverse range of specializations provides students with a well-rounded education along with practical exposure on campus and prepares them for various roles within the media and entertainment industry.

Ans: Our post graduates have taken jobs with Jio studios, YRF, Balaji,Eros International, Facebook, Endemol, Wizcraft, Viacom 18, TOI, T Series, Omnicom Media Group, Clea PR to name a few.

Ans: Welingkar offers 11 month PG program in media and entertainment which includes intensive practical and theoretical training. For more details, you can contact program advisor. ( toll-free number 1800 123 500041 )

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