We Care
Wellness Seminar
We School in association with Nina Foundation launched a 'healthy' trend with the Wellness Seminar series in December 2008 headed by Dr. Ms. Ketna L Mehta, (editor & Associate Dean, Research, has completed her PhD in Healthcare Management from SNDT University, Mumbai, of which We School is an extension centre . Her thesis is a pathbreaking  topic on "Market Potential Study for a World Class spinal injury rehabiliation centre in Mumbai". The Wellness Seminar is a unique initiative empowering the community through the power of information. Nina Foundation is an NGO established for the holistic well being and rehabilitation of people with spinal injuries in India. Spinal Injury is caused due to trauma like falls, accidents, adventure sports or diseases of the spine. To bridge the gap of lack of world class rehabilitation services, 6 wellness seminars were conducted through 2009 targeted at people with spinal injury and the community at large. Eminent surgeons, doctors, therapists and specialists, for the first time, came together to share information and wisdom on important topics like Bladder management, Back pain and back care, Fitness and physiotherapy, skin care, active rehabilitation and mind management. People with spinal injuries from different parts of the country benefited from these seminars. Though India has the second highest population of people with spinal injuries, comprehensive rehabilitation management is sadly lacking. WeSchool campus being one the very few B Schools in the country being wheelchair accessible welcomed the participants in a barrier free environment. These educational seminars in such an academic setting bolstered their confidence and self esteem. A grand spinal injury awareness day was also celebrated for the first time in the country on 25th June 2009. The audience comprised of extraordinary achievers with spinal injury as well as the who's who of the healthcare, media, education and the corporate world. Once again this collaborative initiative emphasized that each human has great potential and can have a positive impact on the society, enabling them to take flight again.
Globally Responsible Leadership Initiative (GRLI)
WeSchool is a partner of the Globally Responsible Leadership Initiative which is a movement of creating a new generation of globally responsible business leaders and to be a catalyst for changed values and practices regarding global responsibility.
Student Social Responsibility (SSR)
As a part of this initiative, students were encouraged to develop campaigns to deal with pertinent social issues with the mantra of 'Minimizing input and Maximizing impact'. Students dedicated a Trimester for building and launching these projects. These projects ranged from creating a voluntary campaign for blood donation for leukaemia patients to joining a huge initiative like 'Toofles' where second hand goods are mobilized to meet needs of fledging NGOs creating a regular source of funding for them. Welingkar's SSR initiative met with an extraordinary media response leading to reputed organizations like 'Ashoka Foundation' lending support.