A new India

Today's new Indian economy is characterized by a healthy growth in the manufacturing and service industry, low interest rates, abundant foreign exchange returns and a rising international portfolio.

India is rated as the 34 most resilient economy for its power and ability to adapt to changes by a recent survey conducted by the Swiss Management Institute.

India has emerged as a major IT hub in the recent past, thanks to the Software Technology Parks here. These are synonymous with excellent Infrastructure and Statutory support aimed at furthering growth of Information Technology industries in the country.. The readily available extraordinary technical work force, it is estimated that India has over 4 million technical workers, over 1,832 educational institutions and polytechnics, which train more than 67,785 computer software professionals every year making India a favorite recruiting ground. Some of the prominent Indian IT companies also making waves in the world are Infosys, Wipro, Datamatics, MBT, TATA Infotech, Genysis, Mastek among others.

The education sector too is opening up. The Indian market provides a large number of students with the right profile willing to explore new learning opportunities with Internationally ranked Universities and education providers. India provides cost-effective learning opportunities for students from several parts of the world in a safe and growing economy.

The land of temples, tradition, languages and snake charmers has transformed into a high-tech territory at lightening speed. Horizons are blurring. And the reflection of a new found confidence is evident at every brightened corner.