Mumbai - The Commercial Core

An exhilarating city and also the financial capital of the country, often hailed as the economic powerhouse of India. A constant fueling of entrepreneurial energy, commercial enthusiasm and dreams has added to its strength as the nation's industrial hub.

Major manufacturing industries each of which account for more than half of the country's produce is located in Mumbai. Mumbai is also responsible for more than one-tenth of the country's foreign trade.

Mumbai has the largest number of 100% export-oriented units. Along with every domestic and
international industry major, almost every global consultancy firm is headquartered in Mumbai. It's Victorian landscape is home to the glamour of Bollywood cinema, which makes it a major attraction among the film audiences across the world.

If you are visiting Mumbai, the city will greet you with tropical weather, typical of the Indian climate. Mumbai has a moderate climate, with summer temperatures ranging between 38 degrees celcius at daytime to 26-27 degrees by nightfall .In winters, the city experiences 33-34 degrees celcius during the day, and about 18-19 degrees by nightfall. Mumbai experiences monsoons between June and September. Those coming in monsoons will face moderate to heavy showers.

Mumbai constantly magnets new migrants from across the world and is reshaping its image to adapt to the changing world. Mumbai welcomes you with open arms.