Global Citizen Leadership Program (GCL)  

The Global Citizen Leadership (GCL) program was launched by WeSchool in August 2012 in association with the world renowned Center for Creative Leadership (CCL®). This initiative is aimed at transforming the students of the 2 Year Full-Time PGDM program into Global Citizen Leaders, leading the betterment of organization and society.

With a view of providing holistic student growth and development, this voluntary-run and mandatory program is integrated into the regular PDGM curriculum as a credit course to boost the Emotional Quotient (EQ) in addition to the Intelligence Quotient (IQ). It aims at enabling students to be leaders who are not just Business Managers but also global citizens with empathy towards the stakeholders.

This cutting-edge transformative program focuses on democratizing leadership development and is a multi-phase program spread over 6 months wherein students are guided by Faculty mentor interventions, on a weekly basis.


The overall objective is to make the 2 Year Full-Time PGDM students:
  • Self & socially aware individuals, able to work courageously & collaboratively to take on boundary spanning challenges
  • Competent professionals who can transform organizations while transforming themselves
  • Continual & agile learners who are able to step into new environments & empathize with multiple perspectives
  • Global citizens who seek to transform the world from a positive & collaborative mindset
  • Thought practitioners not confined by local paradigms when developing solutions

The GCL includes a continuous four step process of lead self, collaborate, innovate and social action which is run over a five month duration and is delivered through a combination of theoretical class room sessions, supported by practical immersion into creating some product / service / or solution that addresses real life issues or needs.

Three theoretical interventions are given:
  • The first one at the course commencement, addresses “self awareness”, and “connecting with others” on the one hand, and “observations leading to developing a sense of empathy” on the other.
  • The second one after a period of about three months touches upon “personal development” and “leading & learning together” on the one hand and “how to prototype to convert insights into action” on the other.
  • The third and concluding intervention after another two months, deals with “looking back & looking ahead” along with “making the case & integrating” on the project.
During this process you will go through a detailed exercise of:
  1. Stakeholder mapping
  2. Gathering observations and insights
  3. Prototyping and finally
  4. Arriving at a solution that addresses the “opportunity statement” and is commercially feasible

The GCL program aims to provide you with leadership and innovative knowledge along with an opportunity to practice these skills in a real-life context, during your academic journey at WeSchool, impacting not only areas of business but also larger social issues.

Presently, our PGDM students are working on issues relating to rural, healthcare, innovation, social issues, human resources, infrastructure, process systems & IT and energy conservation to name a few…

GCL has received a tremendous response from our senior students who have appreciated the immense value addition this program has contributed to their overall skill development.

Some of the unique GCL projects undertaken by our senior students include:
  1. Opportunities for improved access to financial services for underprivileged citizens in Mumbai
  2. Opportunities for developing high end product positioning for any agricultural product
  3. Opportunities for developing appropriate patient routing system in a public hospital environment.
  4. Opportunities for creating improved rural health services.
  5. How to inculcate fiscal discipline among customers of rural financial products
  6. Identifying a scalable business model for incubating Women Entrepreneurship in Rural areas.
Thus, the knowledge from the business management program at WeSchool coupled with the GCL program, is truly poised to nurture you as Global Citizen Leaders and help you gain an appreciation of social challenges and global issues, build self-clarity and social commitment which will serve you longer and evolve over a lifetime.