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Professors are Back to School
Faculty development program, at the International School of Business Management (ISBM).

In our endeavor to connect to leading global universities and expand knowledge horizons we sent our professors back to school. Their own experiences clubbed with rich insights from their visits are set to aid a transformation in WE Learning.
Prof. B. N. Chatterjee Prof. B.N.Chatterjee, Sr. Associate Dean and Prof. Madhavi Lokhande, Associate Professor of Finance, recently underwent a ten month intensive faculty development program, organized by the International School of Business Management (ISBM).

ISBM is a group of 10 leading business schools located in Europe & the United States, who conduct this program, based on the central theme of “challenging the way business educators teach”.

It was a very intensive ten month web based course, with two residential modules, of a week's duration each, at the SDA Bocconi School of Management, Milan, Italy, in January and July 2009.

Our professors were among the 40 odd participants from Business Schools all over the world.

The faculty included eminent business teachers, such as Prof. Aswath Damodaran, of Stern School of Business, New York University, an authority on valuations, Prof. Kamran Kashani, of IMD Switzerland, Prof. Pierre Dussauge of HEC School of Management France, besides several others.

Both, techniques of teaching including the latest pedagogy, as well as honing the softer areas associated with teaching, which covers the personality facet, were integral parts of the curriculum.

Post the course, Prof. Chatterjee and Prof. Lokhande held sessions with our faculty to give them exposure to the latest trends that are currently taking place in the space of business education. They have also conducted sessions on using case studies as a medium of teaching.
Prof. B. N. Chatterjee
Sr. Associate Dean
Prof. Madhavi Lokhande
Prof. Madhavi Lokhande Associate Professor of Finance
Colloquium on Participant Centered Learning at Harvard Business School
Prof.Pradeep Pendse What do they teach in Harvard Business School?

This question, when usually asked, is filled with curiosity, envy and full of expectations and sometimes with a genuine quest to know. This question will provoke any HBS returned person to an animated discussion or an answer that will fill a usual lecture slot. That is because the experience in profound, well designed and transformational on many levels.

Colloquium of Participant Centric Learning is an initiative by Harvard Business School to share the HBS approach to providing participant centered learning through intense interaction and engagement of students in discussing real life case scenarios representing leading business organizations. HBS had conducted this initiative several times for Latin American and European institutes and consequently decided to include faculty from across the globe.

A colloquium comprising of 142 faculties from 35 nationalities, the program is divided into 2 stages; the first stage consists of a 2 week program which provides experience of learning and teaching in the context of the Case Based pedagogy. The second stage is a 3 day meet on Case writing.

Key Features:
Intense Case Discussions
Live demonstration of a variety of Teaching techniques
Exposure to peer review
Exposure to participant evaluation method
Exposure to Course Design based on cases
Exposure to the detailed HBS curriculum

HBS selected faculty members from eminent business schools. A lot of deliberation and detailing went into the selection and study group formation for the program. The immense planning is essential as the program opens out a plethora of networking opportunities and allows a mutual exchange of methodologies, processes and knowledge. This encourages a multicultural approach to the dynamics of management education.

Prof.Pradeep Pendse
Dean, IT and Business Design
Prof. Swapna Pradhan
Prof. (Dr) Swapna Pradhan
Professor - Retail Management
Prof. Anuradha Mahesh
Prof. Anuradha Mahesh
Associate Professor Retail
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