Academic Development
Some of the lectures and workshops conducted during the Foundation Fortnight:
An Introduction to various opportunities in India

The aim of this lecture was to introduce the students to a gist of various opportunities available in India. It was a thought provoking session, where the students were probed to think on the various opportunities open to them, given the current Indian scenario compared to the past. This session aimed at provoking the students to think beyond the traditional system of specialization.

Setting Research Mindsets

The objective here was to set research oriented thinking among the fresh graduates. Generally the trend amongst the students is to study from the exam point of view. The aim here was to change this frame of mind.

The foundation program spans varied types of sessions viz: building basics such as sessions on Basic Finance and Statistics among others; trains the students to prepare to use new tools viz. Learning how to read the Financial Papers and choose reading material, Learning the basics of solving a Case Study; orientation to the Innovation Focus at Welingkar through sessions on Business Transformation through Innovation, Innovations in the different Industries, understanding the We Link and Care value at Welingkar by way of several social initiatives that are practiced viz. Project Netrutva, Students in Free Enterprise (SIFE), Globally Responsible Leadership Initiative (GRLI) and the wellness way through Yoga orientation, sessions on developing the spiritual quotient and intellect.

All this and more connects students coming in from varied backgrounds in terms of education and experience.

Sessions on Introduction to various support facilities like Technology, online Library Databases are also built into the program so students are familiar with all the resources that will be available for the two year duration apart from the various student bodies they can be part of and engage in several initiatives of the Institute.

To name a few prominent speakers at the Foundation Fortnight:
Introduction to HR: Mr. Debashish Roy, V. P. HR, Colgate Palmolive (India) Ltd.
Corporate Leadership: Mr. Michael Sweeny, The Regional Head, Leadership Development for the APAC region, UBS.
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