Academic Development
Foundation Fortnight
‘Well begun is half done', and that is exactly what the foundation fortnight aims to accomplish. The Foundation Fortnight is a 15 day preparatory course especially designed to introduce the students to Welingkar culture and values.

During this time students meet the faculty and staff, their seniors, alumni and their fellow batch mates; learn more about the curriculum; and become engaged in a host of activities designed to introduce them to all the aspects of a business management program and their new environment.

The objective of the foundation fortnight is to help refresh knowledge about subjects while being introduced to some new academic concepts. It helps smooth the transition to the academic atmosphere, and to ground in students' important concepts, knowledge and skills.

It is designed to stimulate imagination and inspire students to make the most of their two years at Welingkar. It focuses on team building, experiential learning, and personal development.
Some of the lectures and workshops conducted during the Foundation Fortnight
Leadership through Literature and Theatre
Value Addition through Insightful Movies
Teaching Methodology
Welingkar Research Center
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