International Faculty Core Faculty   Visiting Faculty   Faculty Specialization
Frequent visits by eminent international faculty have opened up students to global methodologies and best practices.

  Prof. Dr. Alok Saboo Prof. Dr. Stanley Ridley  
  J Mack Robinson College of Business,
Georgia State University, USA
LeBow College of Business,
Drexel University, USA
  Prof. Dr. V Kumar Prof. Dr, Dinesh Shah  
  J Mack Robinson College of Business,
Georgia State University, USA
J Mack Robinson College of Business,
Georgia State University, USA
  Prof. Dr Rene Ruettimann Prof Hakan Mattsson  
  Zurich University of Applied Science
Malardalen University, Sweden  
  Prof Christer Nygren Prof Annette Stromberg  
  Malardalen University, Sweden Malardalen University, Sweden  
  Prof Mona Tjernberg  
  Malardalen University, Sweden  
  Dr. Peter Cunningham Prof. Dr. Banny Banerjee  
  D Phil, HRM South Africa Director - Stanford Design Program, Stanford, USA  
  Workshop on Research Methodology. Design Thinking.  
  Kingshuk Das Denise Ho  
  Senior Design Strategist, IDEO - USA. Human factors Specialist, IDEO - USA  
Workshop on Grow by Design Workshop on Grow by Design  
  Brian Rink Ilya Prokopoff  
  Design Planner/Strategist, IDEO - USA Founded a practice at IDEO - USA  
  Workshop on Grow by Design. Workshop on Grow by Design  
  Prof. Dr. Sten Ekman Ms. Prateebha Narayan  
  Research Director - Malardalen University, Sweden. Professor at Tuck School & Chief Innovation Consultant at GE  
  Leading on Strategy & Innovation.  
  Dr. Aftab Seth Ms. Heather Fraser  
  Chairman, Intl Advisory Committee - KEIO University, Japan Director, Design Initiative Rotman School, Canada.  
  India - The Knowledge Capital. Business Labs - Incubating the Enterprise of the B Schools  
  Dr. Dan Le Clair Mr. Magnus Ericsson  
  Vice President & Chief Knowledge officer, AASCB Intl COO - Ericsson, Sweden  
Voice of Customer New tools in Management.  
  Mr. Surya Vanka Mr. Vimal Shah  
  Manager - User Experience, Microsoft, USA CEO BIDCO  
  Human Resource Strategy. Leading Strategic Change  
  Paul Croney Dr. Ravi Sharma  
  Dean of Newcastle Business School at
Northumbria University
Director, Nanyang University,Singapore  
Human Resource Strategy and Leading India Strategy  
  Dr. William J. Rothwell Mr. Mike Jay  
  Renowned HR Guru and Leader from USA A Professional Business coach consultant
and successful entrepreneur from USA
    Coaching for performance  
  Dr. Jeffrey-Edmund Curry George Stonehouse  
  Professor, University San Francisco, USA Professor of Strategic Management and Associate Dean of Newcastle Business School, NorthumbriaUniversity  
Current Economic and Cultural Management Issues Global and Transnational Strategic Management  
  Prof. Dr. Sven Hamrefors    
  Professor, Malardalen University    
Professor in Innovation Science and Management