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Mentoring at Welingkar
  In an age and time where it is difficult to find a learned person who can help you reflect, set goals and milestones, Welingkar has been successfully unfolding the Mentoring program. We believe that, having a 'Mentor’/'Guru' to encourage and guide can make all the difference in putting in the right efforts in the right direction and making the right decisions at the right time.

In the mentoring process at Welingkar a versatile and a highly experienced person (preferably a corporate professional) volunteers to spare time unconditionally in building up a caring, sharing and supporting relationship so as to have a lasting effect on personality development, academic pursuits, professional excellence and career-related grooming of a young and talented MBA student (the Mentee) The Mentor provides guidance and direction to the Mentee.

The Mentor enthuses you to move into a direction you have chosen to take, avoiding possible pitfalls. Mentor is not a placement officer but he may prepare your placement. You have to Walk the Walk. At the end of the process you become a Management graduate with above average clarity of thoughts. Mentoring is a voluntary process for our 2nd year Management students.

All through the process the Core faculty along with the Chief Mentor, is present to facilitate the process. We strongly believe that this process of mentoring has the potential to create a 'Brand' out of you.
  Growel is a pioneering initiative undertaken by Welingkar Institute of Management with the specific objective of assisting students to hone their soft skills, develop an intergrated personality and achieve highest level of personal growth. It is the holistic approach to mould personality, develop effective attitude and soft skills training for personal and professional excellence.
Core Objectives
  • Develop effective training programs based on experimental learning models.
  • Maximise individual potential of students through soft skills training programs.
  • Facilitate students to achieve, clarity to professional goals, in alingnment with personal vision.
  • Provide support to students in the form of individual and group counseling sessions.
  • Personality Grooming (Communication, Presentation Skills, Body Language, Team Dynamics)
  • Soft Skills Development Workshops (Interpersonal Leadership, Conflict Management, Handling Failure and Criticism and other activities)
  • Cognitive restructuring (to enhance clarity of thought, reasoning and positive attitude)
  • Individual & Group Counseling Sessions (to resolve barriers of personal growth and maximize individual potential)
      Mumbai's first innovation Lab and center for Memetics initiated by the Welingkar Institute of Management is a hub of business ideas for the future. At "innoWE" students and faculty may undertake various aspects of study viz. study on Social Innovation, Innovations in Finance, Business model innovation, product design innovation among others. InnoWe addresses different topics & issues which are not considered or otherwise neglected by local bodies or public authority services so far in its pursuit to find interesting, workable and completely different solutions. Innowe is a beginning on the journey Welingkar has taken to imbibe design principles into Business Thinking.

    It is a space where thinking is stimulated, ideas germinate and are nurtured along to become paradigm-defining businesses. It is a place where, students are encouraged to voice the weirdest of their ideas. innoWE is a hub of ideas for business concepts of the future.

    A host of activities emerge out of innoWE . It is an umbrella for all the following activities.
    Idea Contest
      At Welingkar Institute, our academic year commences with an 'Idea Contest'. Students are encouraged to articulate their ideas, put them on paper and drop them in the various drop-boxes around the campus. These ideas/concepts are scrutinized by a panel of jury comprising faculty members from diverse fields. Those who wish to carry their ideas forward are encouraged to do so. A mentor team guides these students through this journey. Some students would want to create an Intellectual Property for their idea and not do anything about it in the near future. Students who wish to explore their concept further but not start a venture of their own are encouraged to generate a research paper on their concept.
    Friday Club
    1. Technology
    2. Book/Article Review
    3. Appreciation on Films / Events of national relevance
    4. Theatre and art appreciation
    Memetics Club
      Memetics is an emerging field of study that explores the relationship between cultural trends and business opportunities. Participants discuss socio-cultural trends that could define the way corporates do business tomorrow.
    Insight Lab
      Insight lab helps corporates and students develop a strategic approach to innovation. It blends conventional and non-traditional methodologies to identify latent needs of human beings and create offerings around these needs.

    The lab aims at creation, development and pooling of knowledge along selected verticals. The aim is to generate insights, design and create innovative products/services or innovative business models, which can be made applicable to the corporate world.
    Sustainable Design
      Sustanability is the imperative these days and every offering has to stand the test of sustainability. At innoWe, we actively look at creative approaches towards addressing this need. We also engage discussions with people who have been part of designing such models, to guide students.
      Our constant endeavour is to create an entrepreneurial mindset among our students. innoWE provides a nurturing atmosphere for budding entrepreneurs. The “Idea Contest” is a major feeder to the entrepreneurial aspirations of our students.
    Knowledge Pool Creation
      MWe believe, innovation happens through collaboration. At innoWE, we strive to create a pool of the latest trends across the globe in business and otherwise. Everybody is welcome to post their thoughts on various discussions. Getting these discussions going is one of the major goals of innoWE.

    Welcome to innoWE !
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