IT Infrastructure
WeSchool has been among the first Wi-Fi enabled campuses (dating back to 2001)with a proper data center, a Giga Ethernet backbone and enterprise backend solutions such as Citrix, Symantec Enterprise to name a few. The Institute has a 10MBPS Internet bandwidth with backup arrangements to ensure minimum downtime.

Students using their own laptops and other devices such as tablet PCs can avail of the internet through the Wi-Fi from any place on the campus. WeSchool has 400+ Desktops (Windows 7 Professional) which include those forming part of dedicated labs viz the IT Lab and the Logica making it possible to conduct online synchronized training sessions and online exams. Each class room is also equipped with a PC, Projector and audio devices. Some of the classrooms are also enabled with Video Conference. This helps in relaying events across multiple rooms such as the auditorium, the brainstorm room and the designated classrooms.

The Backend data center consists of IBM enterprise blade servers with Microsoft Windows 2008 Enterprise server operating system. The Desktops/PCs are with Windows 7 Professional operating system. The Data Center also has a power UPS backup.

WeSchool IT infrastructure offers relevant applications for an MBA student such as
  • SPSS
  • Business data bases such as Capital Line, Prowess
  • Online Journal sites such as EBSCO giving access to thousands of online journals
  • WebOpac which provides access to the library catalog.
Some of these applications are also accessible from outside the campus using the CITRIX gateway.

Students can check lecture schedules, guest lectures or any other announcements online through website

All in all the IT Infrastructure at WeSchool helps create an environment conducive for self help, learning, interaction , knowledge sharing and research.
The change to WeSchool is only change in the brand identity, to reflect the philosophy of change and represent the multiple campuses that Welingkar has.
The legal entity of the institute remains unchanged as Prin. L. N. Welingkar Institute of Management Development & Research.