Student Life

A typical day at the Welingkar Campus begins early. Lectures generally commence at 9 am and end at 9 pm. Students are usually on their toes with assignments and projects that take a better part of their time. 

The lectures generally last for about three hours. The discomfort if any, is never physical as air -conditioned classrooms bring welcome relief from the round-the-year stuffy Mumbai weather.

In between lectures, students can usually be found at the study room & the cafeteria, unless they are browsing books in the library or surfing the internet at the Computer Lab.

The Director’s chamber is probably the most active area in the Institute. At any given time one can find students, faculty and administration staff seeking his audience. The fact that he is always accessible helps. Students usually meet him and share ideas, discuss issues or simply keep him updated about the day to day happenings at the Institute. 

Another interesting activity that students are encouraged to participate in is Autonomous Maintenance. Here students take responsibility for the Institute’s hygiene by lending a helping hand- whether it’s fixing up a broken object or maintaining cleanliness. It’s a hands-on activity and while, it may be perceived by a passive onlooker as a non-managerial activity, Welingkarites look at it as a way of learning because it teaches them to be observant, sharp and disciplined and also to give attention to detail. 

Overall the environment at Welingkar is very homely. Friends are made for life and students who have graduated from the institute carry happy memories they would want to cherish forever.