Tips from “BMA Management Student of the Year"

Gangasagar Amulais one such person who has the mettle and the drive to achieve success. He has done Management in Marketing and has 38 months of experience in Post and Pre-sales. He was the Placement secretary for the year 2008-2009 and also was involved in various programs held at We School (Welingkar Education). He also won several inter B-school competitions and has been recently selected as ‘Outstanding student of Management’ by Bombay Management Association. In an interview with us, Gangasagar shares the secret of his success.

What is BMA?
Bombay Management Association (BMA) is India's most premier Management Association, established in 1954. It is an Independent non-profit making entity, that focuses on providing a wide range of services aimed at enhancing managerial effectiveness in a broad sphere of activities with a common desire to improve the standards of Business Management in India. This is achieved primarily through organizing relevant training programmes / lectures, arranging discussions, meetings where experiences are shared, sponsoring specific research projects, forming study -groups, and arranging goal - directed conferences.

What was the criterion to achieve BMA award?
To promote excellence in management education, BMA has instituted various awards and the 'Outstanding Student of Management' award is one of them. Every Institute is eligible to nominate two full-time students. The Awards Committee of BMA then scrutinizes the applications of nominated students of various institutes. Rest of the selection process is internal to BMA.
But the overall performance of the student is judged based on the following:
Grades/Marks obtained in various semesters.
Participation in extra-curricular activities with particulars of prizes, awards or distinctions achieved
Offices in student bodies, participation in professional bodies
Demonstration of leadership qualities
Any other outstanding accomplishments.

Could you shed some light on your strategy to bag this award?
There was no particular strategy. However, I do remind myself that my responsibility is to consciously make the right effort and deliver positive results. I strongly believe that I shall reap what I sow.

Being the placement secretary what were the challenges you faced while achieving your own goals?
Well, the Placement committee is one of the most important committees in We School. Due to the recession, the workload was tremendous. Initially, I felt short of time but later realized the power of delegation. It’s very important to delegate. If you can give up some of the responsibility, you have more free time. I also made a priority list to chalk out the sequence of essential events. Though I was unable to participate in most of the B-school competitions held during third semester, I feel I was fairly able to strike the right balance between extra-curricular activities and academics.

What have been your most memorable experiences in We School so far?
I was chosen for the leadership lab. It was the select group of 30 people to be nurtured for leadership potential. One of the tasks was to act in a play. We got ‘Antigone’ and though it was my debut, I was trusted to perform the main protagonist ‘Creon’ in the play. I was nervous because we never had a proper run-through before D-day. Despite that, we enacted the play and were successful in conveying a meaningful message to the audience. It was the right mix of leadership and management. I personally feel such workshops should be made mandatory in B-schools. I really appreciate the efforts of my institute to redefine management education and to innovate wherever possible.

Do you have a role model?
No, I do not have a role model. I do not feel that it is absolutely essential to have one. I feel that every individual is unique and one should not aspire to be someone else. Having said that, I also feel one should be open to learning from other people. It is important to learn from both failure and success. Always set SMART (specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and timely) goals, believe in it and give your cent percent.

To whom or what would you attribute your success?
To my Parents!! They are my spiritual guide and have taught me to live a life of deeds, not words. They directed me to the right path whenever I felt lost. I am here today because of them. I want to dedicate this achievement to their efforts and sacrifice.

I also take this opportunity to thank our Dean, the leader and visionary, Prof. Dr. Uday Salunke for taking an initiative towards building industry-ready MBA professionals, by aligning the MBA curriculum with the needs of the industry. I thank Welingkar Research Centre (WRC) as it was not possible to win various Inter B-School Competitions without their support and guidance. I also thank my professors for being patient when I used to come with goofy doubts.

What are your plans for the future?
I am an absolute dreamer and I wish to achieve my dreams, come hell or high water. I don’t have any concrete plans as yet but I want to be an entrepreneur someday. As of now, I want to excel in the field, I have chosen for myself. My next milestone is to gain recognition as a talent in the organization, which I feel, will open up horizons for further growth.

What is your advice to MBA students?
In fact, I have a set of advices for them:
Nurture confidence and self-esteem.
Find a dependable social network.
Be determined and willing to work hard.
Most importantly, be honest and true to yourself.