Post Graduate Diploma in Management - Retail Management

Trimester I
Business Communication
Managerial Economics
Business Statistics
Financial Accounting
Marketing Principles
Individual in organisation
Principles of Retail
Trimester II
Business Language
Applied Economics
Research Methodology
Design Insights
Cost & Management Accounting
Managing Marketing Programs
Managing Groups for Performance
Operations Research
Retail Business Environment
Global Citizen Leader Initiative
Trimester III
Market Research
Business Design
Student’s Social Responsibilty
Elements Of Taxation-
Direct & Indirect Taxes
Fundamentals of Financial Mgmt and Financial Markets
Marketing Applications and Practices
Human Resources
Retail Location Planning
Retail Store Operations & Profitability
Retail Selling Skills
Global Citizen Leader Initiative
Trimester IV
International Business
Holistic Development
Summer Project
Retail Buying & Merchandising
Store design,Layout & VM
Retail Technology & Ecommerce
Services Management & CRM in Retail
Choice of Specialization-Marketing/ Finance/Operations/Human Resources
Trimester V
Strategic Marketing
Integrative Manager
Retail SCM Distribution and Logistics
Retail Finance
Location planning & Mall Management
Category Management
Franchise Management
Choice of Specialization – Marketing/ Finance/Human Resources/Operations
Trimester VI
Ethics & Corporate Governance
Functional Projects
Cross Functional Management
International Retailing

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