What is PGDM (Business Design)?

At Welingkar, we are more than convinced about the need for radical change in the Management education. The existing compartmentalized approach to Management education has inherent limitations to be able to walk hand-in-hand with the fast changing global business scenario. Today’s technological civilization needs rapid and radical changes to tackle issues.

In this era of uncontrolled growth not only of population but also products, services, scientific and technical information, how does one make sense of human needs and aspirations? Emerging unarticulated needs and realities need new approaches. We feel Management education can play a very crucial role in creating a new genre of managers who are attuned to these realities. All forward thinking Business leaders agree that Innovation is the only way forward. Design that delivers sustainable solutions will play a significant role in Business transformation.

There is a growing need for cross-disciplinary learning. Design and Management come out as the best partners. Managers could learn a lot more from the open-minded, human centered approach of the designer. Designers can gain tremendously by learning how managers execute Business.

We need a separate genre of managers who are trained not only to manage but also innovate looking at the human, social and psychological needs of the users of their products and services, to make better profits in their line of Business.

Design is a profession that is concerned with the creation of products, systems, communications and services that satisfy human needs, improve people’s lives and do all of this with respect for the welfare of the natural environment. Over a period of time design has become an integral part of management and is seen to contribute towards several areas including quality, strategy and planning, creativity and innovation, change, technology, and competitiveness. These areas represent key issues for corporations. The need of the hour is to find ways to inspire and ensure successful innovation by bringing new understanding to the process of innovation and the change driving its evolution.

The future belongs to design and worldwide that is a fast growing recognition of the same. There is a strong need for innovation, creativity and a design way of thinking in all aspects of Business to be able to emerge successful in the future. Right from the business idea, the process, the product, the consumer experience and the organization, everything has to
be visualized correctly and designed in manner that the needs of the customer can be pre-empted and trends be forecasted, on the basis of which new Business ideas and Management techniques be implemented propelling the Business to succeed. The success of organizations in the future will soon depend on a manager’s ability to effectively harness design thinking


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