Broadening Horizons

Rural Experience

WeSchool joint research on "Strategies on Alternate Energy based Business ecosystems in rural India" with Stanford Design School for Change Centre.

   Urban Experience

Mumbai has four modes of public transport, BEST, Local Trains, Taxis & Rickshaws. Business Design students went out on the field and observed the problems. The analysis resulted in recommending solutions which would resolve the transportation prooblems. Mr. Saigal - MD of Mumbai Rail Vikas Corporation guided the students on this project by providing his valueable inputs.

Global Exposure
Creativity & Innovation Management course - Malardalen University, Sweden

Mälardalen University, Sweden, School of Innovation, Design and Engineering offers Creativity and Innovation Management, 15 credits (ECTS ) course to the Business Design students,The purpose of this course is to supply students as future leaders/managers with knowledge and practical abilities in creative, innovative and entrepreneurial processes. This is achieved by introducing students to the theoretical/scientific understanding and of practical methods / tools that can be used to enhance their capacity in this field.


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The change to WeSchool is only change in the brand identity, to reflect the philosophy of change and represent the multiple campuses that Welingkar has.
The legal entity of the institute remains unchanged as Prin. L. N. Welingkar Institute of Management Development & Research.