Curriculum Structure

Trimester I: Need identification, opportunity spotting & understanding the environment.
Individual & Society
Organizational Behaviour
Managerial Economics
Applied Economics
Market Research
Finance Accounting
Cost Accounting
Basics of Marketing
Thinking tools for Innovators
Interaction Design Process
Aesthetics in Business
Technology -History and future

Trimester II: Concept generation and Business case creation
Managing groups for performance
Green Issues
Research Principles & Statistical techniques
Perspective Management
Business Communication
Management Accounting
Taxation (Direct & Indirect)
Triggers for Innovation & Sector Analysis
Information Design & IT tools for Business
How Business Work (MIS Process & Integrated Project)

Trimester III: Business Design
Human Resource Management
Business Environment (Forecasting)
Integrated Communication
Operations Research
Business Plan
Exploring the grassroots

Trimester IV: Roll-out
Organization Design & Development
Financial markets & Corporate Finance
Project Management (Project Financing)
International Business
Managing the supply chain
Business Creation (Concept Show)

Trimester V: Strategy
Legal Aspects
Sales Management
Total Quality Management
Strategic Innovation Management
Promotional Design
Business Simulation (SIMBIZ)

*Vertical are selected by students in Trim IV & V from the options below
Banking & finance,Retail,Design Vertical,IT & Telecom,Human Resources,Media and Advertising etc.

Trimester VI:
Academic Research Project

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