Curriculum Structure

Trimester I: Orientation to Design thinking and Innovation
Individual & Society
Managerial Economics
Design In Business
Tools For Innovators
How Business Works
Quantitative Techniques
Design In Business
Design Thinking Project

Trimester II: Design thinking and Innovation in Product based industries
Management/Cost Accounting
Business Research
Product & Brand Management
Design (Material + Processes + Emerging
Technologies + Ergonomics + Usability)
Organizational Behaviour
Business Design & Innovation Project
(Product Business)
Foreign Languages
GCL (Global Citizen Leader Program)

Trimester III: Design thinking and Innovation in Service industries
Perspective Management
Financial Management
Human Resource Management
Business Analytics
Operations Research
Digital Marketing & Integrated Marketing
Production Management
Information Design, Interaction Design
Business Design And Innovation Project
(Service Businesses)
GCL (Global Citizen Leader Program)

Trimester IV: Design thinking and Innovation w.r.t. Business Models and User Experience
Summer Internship
Corporate Finance
Direct & Indirect Taxes
International Business
UX Design
Business Creation (Dmagics)
Exploring The Grassroots

Trimester V: Strategy
Legal Aspects Of Business
Sales Management
Supply Chain Management
Business Simulation
Strategic Management
Project Management

Trimester VI: Capstone Research Project
Academic Research Project

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The change to WeSchool is only change in the brand identity, to reflect the philosophy of change and represent the multiple campuses that Welingkar has.
The legal entity of the institute remains unchanged as Prin. L. N. Welingkar Institute of Management Development & Research.