Curriculum Structure

Trimester I: Orientation to Design thinking and Innovation
Individual & Society
Managerial Economics
Design In Business
Tools For Innovators
How Business Works
Quantitative Techniques
Design In Business
Design Thinking Project

Trimester II: Design thinking and Innovation in Product based industries
Management/Cost Accounting
Business Research
Product & Brand Management
Design (Material + Processes + Emerging
Technologies + Ergonomics + Usability)
Organizational Behaviour
Business Design & Innovation Project
(Product Business)
Foreign Languages
GCL (Global Citizen Leader Program)

Trimester III: Design thinking and Innovation in Service industries
Perspective Management
Financial Management
Human Resource Management
Business Analytics
Operations Research
Digital Marketing & Integrated Marketing
Production Management
Information Design, Interaction Design
Business Design And Innovation Project
(Service Businesses)
GCL (Global Citizen Leader Program)

Trimester IV: Design thinking and Innovation w.r.t. Business Models and User Experience
Summer Internship
Corporate Finance
Direct & Indirect Taxes
International Business
UX Design
Business Creation (Dmagics)
Exploring The Grassroots

Trimester V: Strategy
Legal Aspects Of Business
Sales Management
Supply Chain Management
Business Simulation
Strategic Management
Project Management

Trimester VI: Capstone Research Project
Academic Research Project

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