Business Management for Legal Professionals

Globalization has brought the world closer with the increase in international trade and commerce. Countries are witnessing interdependence and interaction among each other. With this there is increasing participation and involvement of countries and greater access to their domestic economies. The implication of the same on the Legal profession is immense and the role of Legal Professionals is changing. The services provided by Legal Professionals are increasingly seen to have grown in the Legal Sector. In this scenario the need for business Legal Professionals is tremendous. Law firms, In-house Corporate Counsel, Individual Legal professionals are in demand. Legal education supplemented with awareness to Management / business perspective is the need of the day.

Competitive markets, demanding clients and global markets present new challenges as well as new opportunities to legal professionals today. These professionals must be competent to provide the range of skills and expertise needed to succeed in the environment. Due to the involvement and interaction of the legal, commercial and compliance department in day to day affairs, many a time companies seek reliance on business views of their legal counsel. An understanding of business operations, and the ability to make critical recommendations about likely risk to the business, is required.

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Mr. Rafique Dada Senior Counsel and Senior Advocate
Mr. Anand Desai Managing Partner
DSK Legal
Mr. Sujjain Talwar Solicitor & Partner
Economic Law Practice

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