PhD Programme in Management Studies of University of Mumbai

Future is a global project. It's being constantly designed and conceptualized by Business Schools across the globe. This endeavour is not possible without creativity and innovation. Both of which are a result of research. Research calls for in-depth study, expert guidance and discovering the undiscovered that will empower the future. CEOs and management gurus across the globe, who use research to drive innovation, will agree.

At Welingkar, we believe in giving students a glimpse of the future through inventive education. We endeavour to create a rich talent pool that will be the driving force of the future through the University of Mumbai's PhD programme. This gives you an opportunity to pursue research, and thereby drive 'innovation' in the following domains:
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General Management
Marketing Management
Human Resource Management
Production and Operations Management.
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Selection Criteria

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The change to WeSchool is only change in the brand identity, to reflect the philosophy of change and represent the multiple campuses that Welingkar has.
The legal entity of the institute remains unchanged as Prin. L. N. Welingkar Institute of Management Development & Research.