MMS in Personnel
The first year focuses on providing fundamental skills, knowledge and perspectives. This exposes students to a great number of subjects and allows faculty to co-ordinate materials across courses.
Semester 1
Principles of Management
Financial Accounting
Cost Accounting
Indian Economy-1
Organizational Behaviour-1
Statistics for Management
Business Law
Introduction to Computers
Effective Communication
Managerial Economics
Marketing Management-1
Semester 2
Business Environment-1
Operations Research
Financial Management
Taxation-Direct and Indirect taxes
Production Management
Management Accounting
Marketing Management-II
Human Resources Management-I
Research Methodology
Organizational Behavior-II
Introduction to Software Packages viz: SPSS,
Captaline Ole, CIMM, Prowess


Management Core
Welingkar First Year Management core provides ground work in basic management disciplines; Economics, Finance, Financial, and Cost accounting, Management Science, managing people and organization design, marketing, Operations management, the government and legal environment of business, statistics and strategy.

Strategic Management and Turnaround Strategy
Working in teams over a 13 week period students grapple with current, real-world challenges facing organizations. Together with participating managers, they frame the critical issues to analyze and develop possible alternatives.
Semester 3
Human Resource Management - II
Behaviour Dynamics in an organisation
Industrial Relations & Labour law
Human Resource Planning and Audit
Organization structure - Theory and Design
Industrial Psychology
Emotional Intelligence I
Quantitative Techniques in HRM Mgmt.
Development and Labour laws
Semester 4
Organization Change and Development
Managerial Counseling
Stress Management, Transactional
Analysis and Assertiveness training
Wage and Salary Administration
Emotional Intelligence II
Psychometrics II
Specialization Project