Social Research & Initiatives:

We School partnered with NINA FOUNDATION for 6 wellness seminars, 3 spinal injury days, Mumbai Marathon and Darshan visit under Student Social Responsibility.
  • To sensitize students to the social & environmental issues that affect our country and the world beyond the obvious economy and how these issues are directly & indirectly related to them
  • To help students look at social change from a manager's and a strategist's point of view
  • Establish how large scale change can be brought about through smart easy solutions
  • Help students create low resource but high impact socially relevant projects which are replicable, scalable & sustainable
  • Establish parameters which will help students in executing these projects well

Projects :
1. SIFE (Student In Free Enterprise) - 2011 :

SIFE We School students, Mumbai won Regional level at SIFE India National competition 2011. Their topic was "Empowering the third gender." Hindavi Aware, Aditya Pandya, Nikhil Gala, Jasmili Dhulla, Ronak Gandhi, Ilma Israr, Sagar Rathi were the team members. Faculty Advisor, Dr. Ketna L. Mehta and research co-ordinator, Ms. Pooja Khedekar.
2. Altered Art - 2010 :

Creating art from waste. Guidance from Prof Martine Torfs of Globally Responsible Leadership Initiative (GRLI). SIFE team members have identified vocational training skills that can translate into business opportunities.
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