Faculty Topic
Prof. Dr. Uday Salunkhe Turnaround Strategies for sick units
Prof. Dr. P. S. Rao A Study of Personnel and Union Management
Thesis Relations in Shree Chhatrapati Shahu Mills - A Government of Maharashtra Undertaking, Kolhapur
Prof. Dr. S. T. Gondhalekar Productivity Management using Kaizen - An experimental study
Prof. Dr. Anil Naik Financial strategies for turnaround of sick units in India
Prof. Dr. Anil Rao Palia Design and Development of Management Information Systems in selected Industries
Prof. Dr. Ketna Mehta A Study of Market Potential for a World Class Rehabilitation Centre for Spinal Cord Injury in Mumbai
Prof. Dr. Swapna Pradhan Evolving a sustainable Retail Model for the Indian Mass Market
Prof.  Dr. Pradeep Pendse Identifying & developing project leadership competencies in the Indian Software Industry
Prof. Dr. Anjali joshi Effect of Rational Emotive Behaviour Therapy (REBT) on adjustment and attitude
Prof. Dr. Priyanka Sharma Impact of HRM practices on employee retention in Indian IT industries
Prof. Dr. Renuka Narang Sociology of Education
Prof. Dr. Arun Mandkhot Diseases of Maize and their control
Prof. Dr. Kavita K M Knowledge Management techniques for productivity enhancement in Manufacturing Industry
Prof. Dr. Minal Gupte Target Costing in pricing - A critical analysis with special reference to Manufacturing Industries
Prof. Dr. Nitin Joshi Environmental friendly car; study of customer behaviour in India
Prof. Dr. Suyash Bhatt Study of AUM using VAR and COVAR and its impact on sales of mutual fund
Prof. Dr. Mahalakshmi Mudliar Impact of corporate brand value on the financial market
Prof. Dr. S. R. Tendulkar Value Added Tax - A New Tool for Fiscal Reforms - Problem and Prospects
Prof. Dr. Sunanda Easwaran Marketing Strategies of Women Entrepreneurs
Prof. Dr. V. H. Iyer A Study on Cost Reduction Strategies In the area of Materials Management In Selected Indian Manufacturing Industries
Prof. Dr. Savitri Kulkarni Transactional Analysis as a tool for enhancing Communication and Interpersonal Skills
Prof. Dr. Madhavi Lokhande A study on - Microcredit for Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in India
Prof. Dr. Githa Heggde Impact of Bi-directional relationships between Channel Managers and Partners on effective channel management in Life insurance, Mobile telecom and FMCG Sectors
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