Mentorship Program

Welingkar Institute of Management Development and Research, along with senior academicians and professionals from the industry, has come up with a unique process of Mentoring for its students.

The dictionary meaning of the word "Mentor" is "Guide" - better still "Guru". Mentoring has been in existence since the days of the mythological Arjun, who had Lord Krishna as his mentor. Under our process of mentoring, students will be guided by the mentor.

Mentors at Welingkar are an eclectic mix of experienced faculty members and professionals from the corporate world.

The process of Mentoring begins in the Final year of a student's stay at the Institute and can carry on even during the student's professional career.

Prof Sahuraja, Chief Mentor on - What happens in the mentoring process?

"You start off with what you are. Pen down your career aspirations. Write down areas which you think interest you and why do they interest you? You then approach your mentor with your resume and the above information. From then on, it is a personal exercise of finding focus areas and a goal, setting milestones along the way and then taking the path.

The Mentor, who is a professional from the corporate and is in the thick of what it takes to realize your aspirations, guides you all along. From guiding you on what to read, which seminars to attend to what special projects need to be done, which companies need to be studied - the mentor guides you, but you have to walk the walk.

At the end of the process you are a Management Graduate with above average clarity of thought, have decided where you want to go and have toiled in the right direction to achieve your goal.

All through the process, we - the core faculty are present to facilitate, revert to and share your concerns and doubts. We strongly believe that this process has the potential to create a "Brand" out of you and thus increase your potential in the job market."

Read a letter written specially to the students, from Prof. Sahuraja, Chief Mentor, Welingkar Institute. For more information, please get in touch with Prof. Sahuraja.

Read what Mr. Abhay Shrivastava, one of the mentors and also visiting faculty to the institute, has to say, on his experience with the Mentorship program.