Foundation Fortnight 2015 at Welingkar Mumbai.

"Su-raaj Nurturing Progress"

Su-raaj- Nurturing Progress, the foundation fortnight at Welingkar -Mumbai witnessed a lively inaugural on July 1st 2015. The fortnight designed to welcome the new batch & offer them glimpses of the corporate world, bringing them face to face with stars from diverse orbits and aspirations to excel and make their mark. The fortnight sees a number of accomplished professionals and thought leaders interacting with the young talent giving dreams to their eyes and subsequently sharing their success mantra to turn these into reality. In this pursuit, the Welingkar fraternity endeavours to instil all, what it takes to be there.

Su-raaj Nurturing Progress Welingkar-Mumbai, 01 July, 2015

The Chief Guest on the day was Shri M. Damodaran: Chairman of the Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI). Underlining the value of intangibles in ones’ personality, he said, “Institutions are ranked on different empirical parameters but what is missing is ranking based on how confident men & women become after graduating from an institute. What really matters is how the confidence, courage and self -esteem and self- understanding go up; this is what sets apart the person in a group.” So true!

Elaborating on the central theme- Su-raaj, he elaborated that the freedom we got is Swaraaj and now we are duty bound to have Su- Raaj- a system of good governance by ensuring equality of status for every human. It is our duty as a citizen to be self governed and strive for the best for the Nation. He admired the questioning minds of the youth.

He stated that the management education should play a significant role in nation building. Though there are islands of excellence, there have been concerns in management of health sector and, educational institutes. He also shared his concern over dearth of good managers in rural India to manage institutions and hospitals despite a growing number of professionals. As per him the end is not justified only by exotic salary, good location. It has a process to follow; one has to take the objective and goal.

He said EIA is a way to good governance, where ‘E’ stands for empowerment, ‘I’ is incentivise And ‘A’ is accountability, the moment every citizen starts following the ‘EIA’ good governance will automatically follow.

Responding on how the students can contribute to the nation, Damodaran had some precious nuggets of wisdom to share. To quote him, "when you pass out from the college in the convocation, you take a pledge to be true to thou self. Your deeds should match your thoughts; say what you believe. Don't double speak. Be loud and clear about your thought. Second, remember your duties and right. And be responsible. Channelize your thought in right direction and recognize as a part of duty, which are less privilege."Focus on your strengths to build the nation. Youth is our demographic dividend. It will be dividends if they get right skills, and motivated otherwise it will remain as potential dividend".

Mr. Ajaya Kumar: Head HR, Videocon D2H

He highlighted the importance of context and appropriate orientation to survive and grow in life. It is very important that the individual orient himself as per the industry and understand context people and customer. Underlining the importance of hands on experience, he said one should always be a keen learner.

He punctuated his session with relevant anecdotes and clippings. He shared a clip on Nelson Mandela supporting the assertion that wisdom and courage come with experience and generosity and perseverance.

His urged the students to foster a vision which will give their efforts proper orientation and will also help in nation building. He warned them against material orientation. He said that new batch should spend the next two years to gain knowledge and then the rest of life to gain respect across the globe.

Mr. R. Mukundan, Managing Director-Tata Chemicals Ltd. (TCL)

Mr. R. Mukundan speaking to the new batch pegged his thoughts on values though interspersed with other thoughts. He showed his faith in the power of youth. He said values and governance go together.

Mentioning of companies that have a well laid out code of conduct he mentioned Tata’s website. Values come to test based on your behaviour when you are in stress or no one is watching you. They are built true small events.

An interesting acronym he shared with the young audience was SPICE. The same in Tata ecosystem stood for. S- Safety, P- Passion, I- Integrity, C- care, E- Excellence. Passion as a value is very important. A team with high passion and minimum resource came up with TATA Swachh idea in 18 months, with just three people in team. One needs to be creatively destructive to achieve something new.

Also, he reiterated his faith in five principles of good governance - Satya, Ahimsa, Swaraj, Sarvodaya and Antayodhya as promulgated by Mahatma Gandhi.

What matters is not the size of the purse but the purpose, said Mukundan.

Su-raaj Nurturing Progress Welingkar-Mumbai, 02nd July, 2015

Day 2 saw Mr. Atul Jaywant, Senior President & Group CIO at Aditya Birla Group addressing the students. He spoke about individual self governance and personal commitment or governance. It should be voluntary personal commitment for transparency. Recounting a few landmarks in good governance he mentioned the use of electronic voting machine (EVMs), the Right to Information and the recent participatory nature of Swachh Bharat Abhiyan. He iterated that good governance starts from the individual and moves on to national level. “Be the change what you want to see in others”. He averred -Transparency and ethics in organisations and their processes is a beginning of good governance.

Good governance has a role to play also in the ecological sustenance.

Talking of challenges, in context of providing digital connectivity to a larger customer base and people is that of providing cost effective qualitative economical services. Life is about contradictions. We want low price qualitative network but no tower above our building. But, then business is all about making things happen with all contradictions.

Another session on the day had Prafull Marpakwar, Political Editor, Times of India interacting with the students. Sharing his thoughts on the theme, he said Su-raaj is the need of the hour for the country. India needs good governance to make it a better country to live in. With increase in corruption, good governance and role of self in the society and organisation is essential.

Freedom of speech and transparency in work and processes at individual level and organisational level is important He applauded the watershed of “Right to Information” as one of the significant policy decision, bringing in a lot of transparency to the system. He regretted multiple party governments which India had had for years. Ideally single party governance is the best for decision making, he felt.

Su-raaj Nurturing Progress Welingkar-Mumbai, 07th July, 2015

Mukund Prasad: Director-Group HR, Business Transformation & Group CIO at Welspun Group highlighted the importance and need of rating of “self” from 0-10 on self governance by different professions. Besides, the "I" in the team. Managing "I" & "yourself"- is power of discipline and focus. It was important to be a team player and to be well networked. A little bit of worldly wisdom lies in seeing through the organisational dynamics. Also it will do well if we could manage ambiguity well. An interesting piece of advice came from him 'Rock the boat sometimes, be fearless and manage well'.

L. Qing Hong: CEO, Industrial & Commercial Bank of India (ICBC), Mumbai Branch, highlighted the need of India and China knowing each other better. Talking on the lines of good governance, he shared examples picked up from his education and work. In his talk he underlined the importance of financial statement analysis. Also he elaborated on performance evaluation systems. Talking of Infrastructural development he said the two neighbours can definitely collaborate better.

Ramesh Raskar & Pratik Shah: MIT navigated the new batch through their journey so far with Welingkar. They also spoke about Kumbhathon in Nasik which is next month and how the young innovative minds can work in the sectors of health, housing, payments, food, transport etc. This would help transforming challenges into opportunities and market opportunities.

Prof. Ramesh Raskar is a world renowned inventor and innovator along with being Head - MIT Media Lab's Camera Culture Research Group. Prof. Raskar also shared the past few events which MIT has carried out successfully with Welingkar. A significant part of his talk was focused on the bundle of opportunities the approaching Kumbh at Nasik presented them to work on. He pressed the young audience to add something new to their persona every day and prodded them to add passion into whatever they do.

Prof. Ramesh Raskar

Pratik Shah

Mr. David Akov: Consul General at the Consulate General of Israel with his wife Mrs. Tamar Akovy talked about innovations' and entrepreneurship. They shared their concerns about environment; water management and how we can work on these issues. Methods taken by Israel in agri production- "rip irrigation" which conserves water were shared.

Su-raaj Nurturing Progress Welingkar-Mumbai, 07th July, 2015

The new batch had an interactive session with Shri. Dhanajay Kamlakar: Joint Commissioner of Police, Economic Offenses Wing, Mumbai who laid out the role of the police in good governance and also blasted some of the misconceptions about the image public have for the police. The session was quite engaging as Kamlakar answered some very common concerns about safety, preparedness to meet crises, safety of the informers and so on. Everything that is currently happening yet intriguing to the common man. Some were curious to know how to join the police force. Another interesting acronym that surfaced was COPS- coping with pressure and stress.

Taking spiritedly the volley of questions, he catered to all the queries put forth by the questioning minds .It encompassed all from the delays judicial proceedings to ethical dilemmas. The emerging role of technology to fight crime was also discussed. And finally a word of advice- Guide yourself against excess greed.

The second speaker, Ajay Desai: Head Inclusion Yes bank, was equally compelling. Delving into the folk of yore, referring to 'the thirsty crow' Desai, termed him as the frugal innovator. The talk pegged on relevant innovations and the various schemes that have come up in the space of social enterprise sector. Desai also mentioned the efforts of Yes Bank that had earned it special recognition and awards in frugal innovation section.

Thomas Wajda: US Consulate General spoke to the new batch and highlighted the excited times and opportunities that lie ahead, in context of USA- India partnerships, where such collaborations facilitate sharing of technology and developments. He also mentioned about the USA- India tie-ups and cooperation for MIT Media Lab and quoted that ‘such collaborations, particularly the ones by B- schools give global orientation to the youth and make them global citizens in the true sense of the world’.

Wajda focused on the immense future possibilities in space of smart cities; EXIM bank; Energy- solar energy production Infrastructure and Housing; Education and healthcare and a lot more.

Su-raaj Nurturing Progress Welingkar-Mumbai, 08th July, 2015

Mr. Amitabh Chaturvedi: Managing Director, Essel Finance in his address, talked about his rich experience in Financial and Banking services sector, changes in legislations and regulator policies till now. The latest Greece economic Chaos and its impact on India were talked about. He also stressed on factors affecting the Dollar v/s Rupee valuation and how can Indian currency be strengthened further. His real life examples captivated the audience. It was truly an invigorating session for the students of Weschool.

Ms. Deepa Joshi: Director Ultrasound GE Healthcare, highlighted the needs of good governance, talked about MCI (Medical Council of India) guidelines; regulatory norms; Emphasis on ‘Make in India “for healthcare devices and possible job opportunities in Healthcare field

Raghu Raman: President, Risk Security and New Ventures- Reliance Industries Ltd, is a motivational speaker and Leadership Trainer. His session on Leadership at 26,000 feet was outstanding and spellbinding session for the students of Weschool. He was able to transform the entire group into different decision making situation through NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) and everyone got immersed into the situation. It was awesome and soul stirring experience for everyone. In the end, he got standing ovation from the audience and everyone thanked him profusely for the Life changing experience in 3 hours of workshop."