Foundation Fortnight, Neev 2015 at Welingkar Bengaluru

Theme - 'Responsible leaders...Passionately curious' remains at the core of all deliberations.

Introduction to Foundation Fortnight -

Foundation Fortnight at Welingkar Institute of Management Development and Research is a fortnight long celebration wherein the Welingkar fraternity welcomes the new batches, familiarizes them with the essence and spirit of the Institute and orients them in the right direction thus preparing them for what lies ahead in the couple of years to come and ultimately LIFE.

Both the Welingkar campuses hold their Foundation Fortnight in close succession usually towards end of June or beginning of July. Welingkar, Bengaluru announced its Foundation Fortnight - Neev 2015 open on 26th, June 2015. It goes on till 10th July.

The Fortnight invites around 50 speakers; all accomplished professionals from different orbits sharing their life experience, success mantra and secrets of excellence with the new batch. A usual day during the fortnight navigates through chapters like - Headlines, the Centrestage, On your Marks, Hello We, Conversations and Hands on. Though the stellar attractions are the guest speakers each one a star in their own right but equally important are the other sessions that familiarize the new batches with the faculty and the ecosystem they are going to make their second home for a couple of years.

The theme this year is - 'Responsible leaders...Passionately curious' combining the concepts of "Governance", "Curiosity" and "Passion". The fortnight has been dedicated to John Nash, Nobel Prize winner for Game Theory, who was known for his incisive and curious mind. Nash's life met a sad, sudden end in a road accident on May 23, 2015.

The Fortnight

Spotlighting the broad-based and integrated approach to responsible leadership and governance that integrates curiosity and passion, configuring simple solutions to complex problems that we face today, Neev 2015 sets the students thinking on these issues and also help in identifying emerging areas that warrant attention.

Dr Uday Salunkhe, Group Director, Welingkar along with distinguished faculty and guests extended a hearty welcome to the chief guest Justice N. Santosh Hegde, former Lokayukta, State of Karnataka. Hegde is best known for his roles as a former Justice of India, Solicitor General of India and finally as Lokayukta - State of Karnataka.

Dr Anil Rao, Dean - Welingkar, Bengaluru, took the occasion to introduce Dr. Uday Salunkhe and Shri. Santosh Hegde to the students.

Dr Anil Rao, Dean - Welingkar, Bengaluru

Mr. Santosh Hegde in his message to the students reiterated the importance of an attitude of contentment. He stated that the same would yield boundless happiness which no money could beget. Also, he highlighted the importance of humanism, which sadly, was fast depleting. He expressed his faith that the upcoming talent and generation will nurture the two values as they grow in lives.

Mr. Santosh Hegde on the centre stage

Dr (Prof) Uday Salunkhe, during his interaction with the students, mentioned how Bengaluru has been a crucible for innovation. Innovation, in turn does not happen overnight. It feeds on consistency, perseverance, insightful thinking and churning of thoughts. And WeSchool has been playing a leading role, evolving with the times, keeping in sync with the changing demands of the society and the business world in the context. It has been trying to offer the most congenial environment to support innovation and out of box thinking among the youth.

Dr. Uday Salunkhe interacting with the students

Besides, he stressed the importance of integrity, passion and commitment to the purpose as elementally humane traits; these should be an essential part of their core thought process and governing values. As they move ahead in life making their mark, they should also keep a carful eye on the societal impact of their actions.

Exhorting the students to shift the focus from ME to WE, he advised the students to take initiative and be proactive. Further, he said, that being a passive observer would not help one in leading a successful life and that perpetual optimism is a force multiplier. He closed the session saying "Life is a marathon and not a sprint".

The Upshot:

The challenge for business leaders is to ensure the wider responsibilities of business are understood within their organization and in society and to demonstrate how a responsible approach to business can create sustainable value. Business leaders must be seen to act and demonstrate their commitment to creating a fairer society and a more sustainable future by fostering a culture that will encourage innovation, reward the right behaviours and regain trust. Leaders must both exhibit and nurture curiosity coupled with passion to make their organizations deal with a volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous world.

Let educators show the way to the youth, train them to rise to the challenges, take the lead and usher in the needed change.

Responsibility and Accountability are Two Distinct Traits of Leaders

Neev - 2015, Welingkar-Bengaluru, 27 June, 2015

The second day of Neev 2015 saw anxiety giving way to comfort. The students looked forward to the proceedings of the day. And to their pleasant surprise their first interaction of the day was with Mr. Ramanujam, President & Regional Head South, Yes Bank. Some of them must have secretly cherished to be someone like him.. Mr. Ramanujam has over 20 years of work experience in Corporate Banking having worked in Exim Bank, Meghraj Finance (Boutique Investment Bank), ICICI, Standard Chartered Bank and Yes Bank. He holds an MBA from IIM Bangalore (1995 pass-out)

Students looking forward to the proceedings of the day

Centre Stage

Ramanujam drawing the attention of the young audience towards the central theme of NEEV 2015 started off with the proposition that curiosity and responsibility are seemingly incompatible concepts. He believed that a person who was curious could not be responsible and vice versa. Leaders should take responsibility of their actions with accountability towards the outcome. The onus lies on the leader to decide how far to go and where to withdraw. Industry awaits talent that takes ownership to get things done, has right attitude and team spirit. The students animatedly discussed the issue, sharing their version on the same along with their volley of questions.

Every chapter of the Hello We introduces the students to a new department/ function, new faculty or staff at Welingkar. The second episode introduced them to the Career Management Cell (CMC). The Cell guides the students in their career moves, internships, live projects and final placements. It has in house experts, faculty and industry experts.

Navigating through the events of the day- Conversations was the next stop. It unfolded a panel discussion on the piquant question of what was driving modern finance- regulation or innovation? The panelists were Siddhartha Ghosh, Consultant-CGI, Anand Wani- Advisor -CSC & Rohit Bhagade-Finance Controller, CISCO.

The panelistss

It was a clear consensus that though regulation could be stunting, innovation too has its drawbacks and could be equally disruptive for economies, though both are an essential part of the economic system. Ghosh stuck to his rather unique stance of saying "Innovation and Regulation were independent of each other. The panel discussion was followed by an interesting Q&A session with the students.

Supporting innovative mindsets and design thinking have been one of the elemental values at Welingkar. In his message to the students on the very first day Dr Uday Salunkhe, group director, Welingkar had brought out the importance of the same while sharing how the city has been crucible of innovation urging the students to lead from the front. Innovation needs creativity, imagination, perseverance and commitment. But above all it needs a good and incisive understanding of one's ecosystem and the related issues.

Besides the above interactions the students had classroom session on Governance and ethics, in concurrence with the core theme of the fortnight. The day wrapped up after Dr. Anil Rao, Dean- Welingkar Bengaluru introduced the faculty to the students.

"Action on Curiosity is Creativity; Innovation is the Connecting Link

Neev - 2015, Welingkar-Bengaluru, 29 June, 2015

On day three of Neev 2015, deep-delving animated interactions and thought-stirring sessions became the highlights of the day. The Centre stage hosted two experts with very different backgrounds. The first expert was Sanjay Anandaram, Partner- Seed Fund and the second being Syed Kirmani, the cricket heart throb.

Together they unfolded an interesting session where they interacted with the students on various facets of life, sharing some interesting anecdotes. Anandaram spoke about John Nash and his curiosity. He highlighted the importance of curiosity and how the same can be catered to and nurtured with a questioning mind and critical thinking. He cited the example of Albert Einstein referring to how his curiosity on the possibility of travelling on a beam of light lead him to great break- through later in life.

Mr. Anandaram

Questions guide a probing mind and reflect critical thinking. Questions catalyse our thinking and give direction to our thought process. They are, therefore, a crucial part of our thinking. Knowledge will eventually be attained through (answers to these) questions. Anandaram averred that the environment we are brought-up in forces us into constraint based thinking; we will progress when our environment moulds us into possibility based thinking. And this emanates from curious minds. He told the students to think beyond themselves. In his closing note, he quoted from the Upanishads - "You are what your deep desire is, as is your desire so is your will, as is your will so is your action, as is your action so is your destiny."

Syed Kirmani, was equally mesmerising. Kirmani rendered the session compelling with his anecdotes from cricket while some interesting footage played along.. Mr. Kirmani shared his ups & downs and the grit which helped him tide over. He quoted that "Honesty with sincerity is the mantra for success". Whether it is to be a captain of a cricket team or a leader in corporate world dedication, hard work and passion are the pre-requisites for success. He encouraged the students to maintain integrity in whatever they undertake in life. Perking them up, he enacted some of the funny incidents of that life had thrown before him. He also shared some exciting moments from the 1983 World Cup. He urged the students to have faith in the Almighty, look after their parents as they are the real heroes of their lives. Consistent efforts will yield success, for sure.

Mr. Syed Kirmani

Hello We

The session gave the students the opportunity to familiarize with the staff and the Welingkar ecosystem .The facilities provided by Welingkar and how they can leverage the same. It has been rightly said, "Rights and Responsibilities are two sides of the same coin." The students had an interaction with Mr Anil Jha,( Manager- Administration) who familiarized the students with the rules of conduct on campus.

Panel Discussion on curiosity and creativity

The session Nurturing Curious Minds witnessed two distinguished guests-. Puja Kohli, founder-Unfold and . Abhishek Kumar, founder-Ripples Learning Services. The discussions revolved around the link between Curiosity, Creativity and Innovation. The panel concluded curiosity and creativity reflect innovative mindsets and positively guide ones' efforts towards success in life.

The panelists - Ms. Pooja Kohli and Mr. Abhishek Kumar

Kohli said that "Curious mind allows one to take leaps" She gave her views on the relationship between curiosity and creativity. "Curiosity is internal process and creativity is an outcome". She shared how her curiosity about Neuroscience triggered at the ASTD Conference, drew her to all the four lectures delivered by David Rock. It is necessary to look after our brain like we do for our body.

The other speaker Abhishek Kumar added that "Action on Curiosity is creativity and the process to reach creativity leads to innovation". He also redefined success as " achieving the desired outcome and at the same time learning something new in the process". The summary of the discussions revolved around the link between Curiosity, Creativity and Innovation and their role towards success with various examples. The panel concluded that curiosity and creativity support and enhance innovation and success. The panel discussion was followed by an interesting Q&A session with the students.

We Quest

The final session for the day packed some 'Hands-on' activity under the guidance Prof. Aparna Krishnamurthy where the students teamed up to work on certain challenging tasks. In the process they enjoyed and got to know their batch-mates, moved around the campus - their second home to be.

Let Your Business be Your Passion

Neev - 2015, Welingkar-Bengaluru,30 June, 2015

Four days into the fortnight and it reflected in the enhanced comfort levels. Though still there was plenty to be explored. Prof AKN took the lead on this and spoke at length about the city - Bengaluru. Its places, culture and uniqueness and the opportunities it offers.

Under the section Hello We they learnt about the Management Development Centre, Library and the various data bases and facilities they can avail at the Library and IT Lab.

Management Development Centre at Welingkar caters to this need of customized management education for the corporate world. The curriculum is upgraded year after year and, with best of faculties and infrastructural support, the participants come out more confident, more proactive and so more useful to their organizations. As of the Library , Welingkar has one of the finest Library infrastructure facility known as the Learning Resource Centre (LRC).

Centre stage gave the students an interesting opportunity to interact with George M George, Director; Muthoot Leisure and Hospitality. Mr. George charmed his way into the hearts of young audience with his interactive and humorous address. He detested the practice of building businesses and then selling it away. Business should be a passion. He made an interesting point of how one should initiate an idea and then ensure that a targeted segment or public get motivated to accept and own the idea. This will ensure good business and enable one to achieve their objectives. He also asked them to invest time in themselves and nurture a burning desire to achieve their set-goals. He drew a distinction between desire and want and exhorted them to nurture a desire rather than pandering to their wants.

Under conversations, the discussion hinged on learning process. The Panel included Ms.Rajeshwari Ramachandran, Sr. Manager- Wipro, Mr.Kiran Patil - HR Head-Arvind Lifestyle Brands Ltd and Prof. Anuradha Mahesh, Faculty , Welingkar.

Patil advised the students to take their studies and their projects seriously. Rajeshwari stressed on learning-agility as she believed it to be a continuous process. As the students go about their training it should be their endeavour to put themselves through relevant experiences. Also they said that one should proactively support their organization and should work on their social skills and ability to build relationships. We should have our own perspective on issues; and this comes with keen observation, thinking and an analytical mind. Talking in context of career moves one should be mobile. Branding was another concept which the panelists felt was equally important in modern times.

Dr Uday Salunkhe, Group Director had also expressed similar views in the concept of SOS wherein he urged the young talent to focus and work upon Self , followed by Organization and finally reaching out to the Society as they progresses in life.

Next, during, Hands on the students split into teams playing wordsmith. They were given a few words, around which they had to weave a story. More words were announced when a team was just about to complete the story. The students were now required accommodate the new words. This was a interesting to watch and of course to be a part of. In this play of creativity, the students were led by the faculty- Dr. Savitha, Prof. Jyoti and Prof. Deepak. It was an hour packed with fun.

Talent acquisition, to Entrepreneurs is Getting a Person with the Same Passion

Neev - 2015, Welingkar-Bengaluru,1 July, 2015

Fifth day deliberations were themed on Governance in IT Industry along with the umbrella theme- Responsible leaders- Passionately curious. The experts were Sundaresh, Founder Envensys Technologies and Rajiv Krishnan, Partner and India Leader, People and Org, E&Y.

Mr. Sundaresh

Sundaresh started by saying that IT governance is not all about technology. It is more of putting framework of governance around the use of technology in businesses. He mentioned a few fiascos in the space, like Flipkart discount sale, Satyam Computers and the Harshad Mehta scam, saying that these happened due to lack of a fool-proof mechanism to monitor the space. He shared his views on the connect between the IT governance and IT business. He emphasised the fact that Business and governance must be well-aligned. Technology can play a good role here. He signed off saying that better governance leads to better decisions, better portfolio management, better program management and leads to a better climate for innovation.

Rajiv Krishnan speaking on the latter theme of Responsible Leaders- Passionately Curious, asked the students to question their purpose of being there. He said at times because of their family lineage people feel they are entitled to certain privileges, which is a misconception. One must learn to unlearn things. In his message to the students he urged them to have general curiosity in the world around them and not to vie for multiple degrees but to nurture an overarching goal in life. They should be also aware of the social norms around them. Besides they should learn to manage partnerships with a sense of equality and to be unbiased towards stereotypes.

Mr. Rajiv Krishnan

Moving on to the next brainstorming session, Welingkar had on the fortnight forum five distinguished panelists. These were Surendra Shahi - Founder Streetappy, Shashaank Singhal, Founder Tapcibo, Arvind Sivdas- Co Founder and CEO, Suneel Pillai, Product Manager - Jiyo and Madhur Kathuria- CEO Agivetta Consulting. The discussion pegged on Entrepreneurship.

There were gospels that all the experts agreed upon unanimously. Entrepreneurs should be ready to endure some not so easy phases. As of the triggers to entrepreneurial ventures, these could be myriad; ranging from being bored with the present job to filling a gap between a provider and the needy to creating a product and the desire to see your idea blossom.. The experts had a word of caution-before selling a new product commercially, it should be launched and tested amongst a small section of the users/public. Also value addition should be another important element to be kept in mind in ones business and transactions. Entrepreneurs should be connected with their customers and should have a firsthand knowledge of what they feel about their products and services.

Moving the focus on talent acquisition, the panelists reiterated that is not about getting the best talent; it is about getting a person who has the same passion as yours, at least in the initial stages. Later people with diverse viewpoints can be taken onboard; interns are a good way to bridge the gap. And the most crucial of all was the advice to the aspirants that while pitching for funding, they should customize pitch, considering the perspective of who the listener is instead of rolling out a common script to all.

The day came to an end on a lighter note when the students enacted roles given to them by the faculty with them.

Leadership is Helping the Team Accomplish Set Goals

Neev - 2015, Welingkar-Bengaluru, 2 July, 2015

By now the clouds of anxiety and doubts seemed to be all dispelled. The students seemed to more settled in their thought process and clearer about their future course of action and goals. All they needed was a beacon of light to steer them clear and guide them along through the ups and downs, steering them clear of the pitfalls. And the session with Pradeep Deshpande, GM - Talent Acquisition & Mobility seemed be the perfect answer.

Deshpande, dwelling upon the career framework underlined the quintessential elements -purpose, plan, position and perseverance. He said leadership is not about leading but finding a solution to a problem. To find a solution to a problem a leader should be able to find the right talent. He advised the students to work and collaborate to accomplish the set goals.

Welingkar is one of the pioneers among b schools to offer programs in Design Thinking. Design Thinking, simplified a bit is nothing but human centric approach that puts the stakeholder at the core of solutions, product or services. It does not always tread the trodden path rather more often relies on out box thinking to conjure up solutions that were not even thought of before under the conventional approach. The Design team at Welingkar introduced their subject to the students in a unique and innovative way as the latter were asked to create a chandelier using thread, fevicol and a balloon. Prof Prakash Unakal and Prof Mohan Chandra were at the helm of affairs during the fun packed session.

Under Hands-On the groups were offered to select from activites of clay modelling, Dance, Proto Lab, Music and Theatre. And then each group was given insights into elements of their selected activity. Later the students were divided into teams and given different themes which each team had to enact. And thus afternoon was devoted to a practical and creative learning of activities which all the students enjoyed to the hilt.

"Happiness results from Optimal Realisation of One's Potential

Neev - 2015, Welingkar-Bengaluru, 3 July, 2015

Ashok Soota, Executive Chairman, Happiest Minds, addressed the students in the morning session. Soota weaved in the sub-themes of the fortnight - governance, passion and curiosity. He said that self-governance supported by a framework of values leads to integrity in our daily lives - a quality he said that was of overarching importance in life. He substantiated that with the live example taken from his career. In his entire career, while he had directly been involved in the firing of nearly 40 employees, only one was for non-performance and the rest were on grounds of breach of integrity - financial or intellectual. Underlining the importance of passion in work he said that passion for work renders all the talk about work -life balance superfluous. He elaborated on the role of curiosity in our lives, and asserted that lifelong learning is imperative failing which you would soon become obsolete in this world.

"Happiness is a state of mind that is the result of fulfilling your own potential", he said. He shared the values that his own company had set as a governing framework that goes by the acronym SMILES (Sharing, Mindfulness, Integrity, Learning, Excellence and Social Responsibility).While other values are commonly talked about, he focused on the role of Sharing and Mindfulness with regard to how they directly contribute to happiness - sharing because you are happiest when you are giving and mindfulness because it ensures that you live in the moment and give your best at everything you do. He urged them to make happiness their ultimate purpose and realising their optimum potential as the means to it.

While responding to the students, he emphasized the role of luck by sharing the example of his meeting. Premji of Wipro by chance and how it changed his career trajectory to the high-growth IT industry. But he asserted that while luck plays a role, destiny is shaped with hard work. He said, age is just a number; one has to care for their mind and body as they move ahead doing what they enjoy most.

In the Hello We session Prof. Aparna explained the role of Examinations Cell; the CGPA based grading system and the rules of conduct during examinations. Prof. Hema D. and Prof. Vijaykumar N. gave an introduction to the fundamentals of Accounting by explaining basic concepts such as debit and credit, keeping in mind that a majority of the student population are engineers who are not exposed to financial accounting.

In the panel discussion the theme was- Marketing Leadership - Responsible and Passionately Curious. The experts on the dais were Ajit Belani, Director-Marketing, Aricent Technologies, Dr. Rajaram Kudli - Founder and Chief Consultant, Prajnan Enterprises and Sangeet Kishore - Group Category Manager - Vdot, Madura Fashion & Lifestyle.

Belani described curiosity as a personality trait. He encouraged the students to continuously learn, not just from books or classes, but from the world around them. According to him irresponsible behaviour is the result of the limitations of the mind. Sangeet Kishore implored the students to keep their child like curiosity alive. He pointed out that successful CEOs differ from the normal in three traits - passion, team playing attitude and adaptability. Being unethical, he cautioned, always hits back.

Innovation is Just an Idea, without Action

Neev - 2015, Welingkar-Bengaluru, 4 July 2015

Half-way through the fortnight, the focus had shifted from rounds of introduction and orientation walks to some serious academic-sessions in business and management. The new batch had classroom sessions, possibly the first one, on Business Analytics and Principles of Management. The sessions were by the Welingkar faculty.

Prof Shekar Prabhakar explained the working of Assessment Centre and Development Centre. The Centre assesses the students on key managerial competencies by external industry practitioners and helps them realize the gap between their own self-mage and how the external world perceives them. Also this enables them to identify their strengths and two key areas to develop in. Prof. Shekar Prabhakar guiding them in the process, stressed the importance of developing these areas to a minimum acceptable level through the Development Centre with the help of faculty mentors assigned to them. The Development Centre also caters to their career concerns.

The panel discussion of the day pegged on the theme - Curiosity to Innovation. Experts included Prashant Subhedar, Director-Bang Design, Huda Jaffer- Lead Designer-SELCO Labs, Sonia Manchandana - Co-founder and Creative Chief-Idiom and. Gayathri Tirthapura - MD, Kutoohala.

The panelists felt that questioning is an important tool for satisfying curiosity. Creative curiosity is not an option but is mandatory. Responding to the question on new learning in a new real world the panelists felt that learning is a continuous process. One should not confine learning to domains nor should set limiting goals; one must learn from everything they see around them. For eg. Sport is a great teacher. The experts underlined, equally important is to learn coping with failure. As far as innovation was concerned the panelists felt that innovation is only an idea without action. Making ideas work is a necessary corollary of innovation. One has to be empathically curious.

The Hands-on session was devoted to creating models with the help of lego blocks. The session basically tested the creativity quotient of the students. The session progressed under the supportive supervision of Ms Gayathri Tirthapura, MD, Kutoohala.

Have the Passion & Determination to Make Your Vision a Reality

Neev - 2015, Welingkar-Bengaluru, 6 July 2015

Ms. Rajni Mishra, Chief General Manager-State Bank of India, took over the centre stage speaking on leadership and its various facets. She outlined that good governance and sustainable businesses are the main objectives for any enterprise and can be achieved through responsible leadership.

Ms. Rajni Mishra with Welingkar faculty

The recipe for responsible leaders lies within, and she added further that a leader should set his sights on doing things better. Also they must have a long term plan & vision. In her motivational address, she urged the students to have the passion & determination to make their vision a reality. Transparency, positive attitude, ability to handle stress and equanimity are pre-requisites to the making of a leader.

She highlighted the emerging role of e-commerce as a big game changer and asked the students to keep a keen eye on such economic markers. She said leaders should not be in hurry and must take their team mates along. Talking of creating an ideal environment for the team, she emphasized that a leader must create a level playing field where everybody's performance is recognized and team members are appreciated openly for whatever good work that they do. The environment should inspire the team to perform better. She interacted with the students through a Q&A session on the Kingfisher debacle and how SBI handled it as well as on SBI's financial performance.

In the 'Hello We!' session, the new batch learnt about Alumni interaction initiatives undertaken by Welingkar and how these benefit them. Also they were briefed on the various events conducted by the college to foster Alumni relations.

They were also explained the various internal events, celebrations, tournaments and much more. Prof. Soumya spoke about how WE School encouraged participation of the students in Inter-Collegiate competitions. Students have earned laurels home and abroad in various events.Prof. Soumya advised the students partake in national and International conferences. Welingkar and has been always forthcoming in its support to the students on this.

Under 'On Your Marks' the new batch had an introductory session on IT vertical by Prof. Jairaj and Prof. Anita Pillai. The professors spoke about the subject and its importance. Welingkar has been one of the pioneers to introduce the E-Biz course. They dwelt upon the different IT subjects which the students would learn during the next two years.

'Curiosity and Creativity- Enablers of learning curve' was the theme of the post lunch panel discussion. The panellists were-. Vasudevan - Classical Musician, Aruna Ganesh Ram - Performance Director, Deviser & Designer and Chitra - Photographer.

When asked about how the corporate could encourage creativity, the panelist felt that there should be a balance between creativity and reality and that there are multiple ways to infuse creative stimuli within daily lives. Corporates should encourage such talent otherwise they would lose people who think creatively. One must nurture creativity and curiosity and the passion to excel must come from within. The panelists felt that the joy of doing what they like also drives them.

'Hands-On', saw the activity 'AWAKE' where teams were drawn and tasked to make a collage by cutting out messages from the newspapers provided to them. The final effect of the radiated a social message.

Execution of Ideas with a Deep Commitment to Success is the Differentiator

Neev-2015, 7 July 2015 Welingkar -Bengaluru

Ninth day at Neev- 2015 brought the students face to face with Prakash Wakankar, CEO, Mahindra Retail and what unfolded was a brilliantly interesting session on curiosity and passion. The two by themselves cannot sustain for long, it is the execution of the ideas that makes the difference. Execution with a deep commitment to success is the differentiator for both companies and individuals. He took the example of Mahindra Retail getting into a new to India product category like maternity wear, where a deep commitment to the market and the consumer was called for. While he exhorted the students not to second-change academics, it was as important to enjoy the last two years of academic life as well exploring your limits as a person and as much of the environment as possible.

Prakash Wakankar, CEO, Mahindra Retail

Marketing at the end of the day is the application of common sense and all of us market every day whether we are in that function or not. He wrapped up with the advice to “enjoy life, work hard and think smart”.

The post lunch panel session pegged on theme of "Remaining Passionately Curious throughout your career". The experts on the dais were Amit Nagpal – Head Training, Infosys BPO,Dr. Anuradha Varma – Head L & D, EY, Srinivas S – Head L & D, Biocon and Rupam Dutta – General Manager – Radha Regent Hotels

The new batch had a session on Business Communication and Etiquette. The experts focused on the Communication theory models were shared with the students and tips on how to improve their skills both spoken and written. Also they had an introductory session to Economics educating them on economic theory as the foundation of business. The difference in application of micro and macroeconomics was explained.

Nagpal highlighted the importance and innovation, citing the example of his company and the efforts to boost the innovation culture there by the present leadership. Dr. Anuradha then discussed about the importance of curiosity and how it has been applied in the EY context. One of the models developed has been about creating a curiosity about learning more about global cultures and exchanges. Srinivas added a new dimension to the discussion by bringing the difference in innovation vs. Imitation by quoting specific examples from the pharma industry. Dutta also explained how curiosity has helped his hotel move from customer satisfaction to customer delight by giving attention to detail in serving his customers.

Nagpal also brought about the importance of learning and knowledge in the form of domain centricity and referring to the famous 10000 hours of practice leading to mastery. He also spoke about how the half-life of learning had shrunk from 10 years to about 18 months. Srinivas then spent some time discussing the science behind curiosity and learning and the roles played by hormones like dopamine in the learning process.

Fathom Well the Business Potential of an Idea

Neev - 2015, Welingkar-Bengaluru, 8th July, 2015

The day witnessed Ms. Ruchika Gupta, President, Borderless Access sharing her professional journey with the new batch. She talked about her beginnings, then how her batch mate and alumnus from BITS Pilani joined and how the strength of the personnel grew. She told the students how the company acquired major clients like 3M, JWT, EURO, RSCG etc. Their main business has been website development and the biggest client so far has been Microsoft. She advised the students that marketing is a disruptive idea and the best way to promote is through social networks, blogs, digital marketing and the like. She also cautioned the students to build a support system in their personal lives by giving equal importance to the family.

She explained that one should understand the potential of an idea to become a business. Not all ideas could become good businesses. However one should give the idea their best shot. She concluded by telling the students about the activities their company conducted to reduce attrition.

Under Hello We, Dr Sonia Mehrotra briefed the students about the various cases published by the faculty. She also told the students about the on going efforts by Center of Excellence for Case Development and various avenues available to the students to contribute to the case study field.

Also the students had a session by Prof Hema and Prof. Vijay , introducing them to Finance and Accounts. They were given a brief about the nuances of the subject, career prospects and the latest developments in the national and international financial space. The students were told about a number landmarks in the financial world. Case studies of Indian Companies were quoted for a better understanding of the subject

The Panel Discussion of the day was themed on Analytics and IT . The experts on the dais were- Mr. Naveen Kumar V Advisor, Cherry work, Raju Chellaton, Sr. Vice President, Happiest Minds Technologies, Charan Nagaran,- Global Analytics HP (Printing and Personal Systems) and Shravan Kumar, Head- Line of Practice, Business Analytics and HANA, RBEI.

Discussing the use of analytics in business, the panelists highlighted emerging role of Data Analysis to gain insights and predict future trends. Moreover today every decision is based on analysis of data. For a career in analytics, the students should master MS XL, Statistical tools and business models. It is an emerging discipline and holds good prospects.

Alumni Meet the New Batch

Neev - 2015, Welingkar-Bengaluru, 9th July, 2015

Sudeep Chatterjee, Ritesh Sinha, Neelima DP, Avanti Krishnan, alumni from earlier batches shared their WoW (World of Welingkar ) experiences with the new batch. They shared with them the vistas of opportunities, WeSchool offers. More importantly they told the students how to conduct themselves. Placement was also an interesting topic between the two.

The guest speaker Mr. Vivek Subramaniam, Sr. VP HR, Emids Technologies spoke on the central theme of Responsible leaders-Passionately curious. He underlined the dynamicity of the business world and hence the need to define one's interest and beliefs because these in turn drive business. He urged everyone to be passionate because to stoke curiosity and make others excited one has to be passionate. In an interesting aside he said create a "stop to do list."

Mr. Vivek Subramaniam

As a marine engineer he said that he learnt the quality of team building and keeping the team together. The following Q&A Session revolved around how a marine engineer could find talent in the people and hire them for companies. The students were curious to know how to make a career in HR despite having a disparate technical qualification.

The students also had a classroom session on Business Maths and Statistics
In the second address of the day the students had an interesting session with Mr N Krishna Kumar, CEO - Mindtree. He observed that economic power is shifting from the west to the east and the people at the bottom of the pyramid were making more money. An eco system has been built to enable this phenomenon. He also spoke of the qualities which make a good entrepreneur.

Mr N Krishna Kumar, CEO - Mindtree.

Talking to the students he said that everyone has his own way of becoming an entrepreneur. Quoting an example he said that it took 38 years for TV users to reach 50 million, iPad took 4 years to reach this number and Twitter took only 8 months. He also referred to the concept of VUCA (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous.) Responding to another question he said that future work place is going to be less hierarchical, more expertise-led and will be beyond formal organizations and boundaries. He advised the students to constantly upgrade themselves and have an unrivalled expertise as their USP. He asked them to face ambiguity with excitement as they would learn something new.

The final session of the day was extremely interesting. During the fortnight the entire batch of 2015-17 was divided into teams and was entrusted with the task of making a short video of two and half minutes related to the theme “Responsible leaders, Passionately curious.” Thirteen videos were made by the students during the course of the fortnight and these were showcased in the last session of the day. A jury sat through the presentation of the videos and selected three best videos. The videos made by the student were truly creative, innovative and exciting.

Dr. Anil Rao, Dean and Director Welingkar- Bengaluru, Addresses the New Batch

Neev - 2015, Welingkar-Bengaluru, 10th July, 2015

The finale of Neev-2015 witnessed, Ms. Aruna Newton, Former President, ELCIA addressing the new batch. The focus of her speech was on how to survive in the corporate world and become responsible leaders. She initiated her talk by saying all individuals are different and one must know oneself deeply. Once a critical assessment of oneself is done then one has to improve upon his competencies and develop analytical skills.

She cautioned that one must not neglect the power of communication. Quoting Gartner she said, “The world does not belong to the generalist or specialist. It belongs to the versatilist.” Therefore she urged the students to become versatile people and this trait will enable them to adapt to any condition. She reiterated that the world belongs to versatilism and one must develop skills and abilities to face any challenge.

While giving some personal tips to the students she asked them to prioritize themselves and just be themselves. While on this subject she told the students to live in today and not predict for tomorrow. She concluded by advising the students not to neglect their health.

But the stellar attraction of the day was the address by Dr. Anil Rao, Dean and Director WE School- Bengaluru. He started by asking the students to recap the learning from the leaders who had addressed the students. Then quoting from a 2014 PWC survey findings he spoke about the concerns of Global CEO’s which would give the students inkling about what engaged the minds of world leaders. He elaborated that over regulation, Availability of key skills, Govt response to key skills were the main concerns whereas competition, Technology, Partnerships and Diversity were some of the other concerns. Continuing in the same vein he elaborated on the expectations of the global CEO’s from the future workforce and pinpointed the following:

  • Open up to customer influence
  • Transformation through digital skills
  • Design thinking and innovation
  • Data Analytic skills
  • Strong Technical skills
  • Broad range of other skills
  • Talent search in different geographies
  • Strategic and flexible thinking
  • He concluded by talking about the opportunities provided by Welingkar Bangalore and exhorted the students to take maximum benefit from these opportunities.

It was followed by recap of all that unfolded during the fortnight. It also tested their uptake and attentiveness during the proceedings.

And the curtains came down on Neev -2015 after a cultural event put together by the students.