Gemba Kaizen

Gemba means workplace (for the Japanese, Gemba means the "real place", the place where the action happens) and Kaizen means continuous improvement. At Welingkar we practice Gemba Kaizen. The students are guided by Dr. Gondhalekar who trains them among various global aspects on Gemba Kaizen.

What does the process do? It trains the mind to be observant (do you notice that when one observes one speaks less if not at all? Did some one mention that in silence lays Wisdom?) and then find simple and duplicable ways of solving problems. It also trains the individual to develop a positive 'Can Do' attitude. It also inculcates a problem solving approach and respect for people doing the job on a daily basis.

Over a period of time it trains one to evolve intelligent ways of solving problems and develop simple systems. It sharpens the mind to be rid of wasteful thoughts. It teaches one to arrange things in a user friendly manner and to remain committed to ensuring that the process is followed by one and all in its true spirit.

Gemba Kaizen trains one to solve problems by going to the root cause which means leaving the meeting rooms and going directly to the Gemba. It immediately tells if the solution one has is workable. The Gemba is ones best critic. Did you ever imagine that a seemingly simple activity like cleaning one's workplace can teach you profound concepts in management? So, 'Abjure the why and seek the how'.

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