Competency Mapping

At Welingkar, we use the concept of competencies at various stages. It begins with the selection process. We look for a particular profile of the candidate, mapped against what would be the competency profile of an ideal management student. An assessment test is conducted to know how each individual’s competency profile is placed. Based on the test, each individual is given a feedback on the areas where he/she needs improvement.

"Competency Mapping" ensures that our students are of the “Right Fit” to enter organizations that demand efficiency and accuracy all the time. To achieve this, the faculty and the senior HR professionals have developed a model through which students are tested on various parameters such as EQ (Emotional Quotient), personality traits, leadership, creativity etc.

Welingkar Competency Mapping process
Administer psychometric tools on students
Collect the data available through these tools
Collate the data to get a bigger picture of the tools used
Get a fix on competencies that best explain managerial effectiveness
Based on these competencies, identify areas of improvement
Provide training on the areas identified
Collect feedback on the sessions conducted

Competency mapping is conducted at 3 levels:
While the student applies to the Institute
During the course of the program
As an Alumnus (to be rolled out in the near future)

PG Entrance exams
Short listing of students
Management Games
Psychometric tests

Competency Mapping & Building
Seminar /Tests/Psychometric Games/Workshops
Team Spirit
Emotional Intelligence

The Institute aids its Alumni in competency development through:


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