B. T. S Model - Our brainchild

Build for Quality
Professionals who bear qualities of commitment and consistency of excellence and teamwork

Transfer to the Corporate
We transfer professionals to the corporate world wherein they demonstrate their innovative ideas and solutions and use managerial skills in the light of various situations.

Support for Continuous Improvement
Continuous improvement and upgradation are hygiene factors in today's ever changing environment. We encourage the alumni to plug the lacunae and upgrade their knowledge and skill at the Welingkar Alumni Center.

""Way back in April 1998, I found myself looking for information about the amusement park industry in India and the International trends. I was slated for an interview with the MD of India's leading organization in this category, Essel World and Water Kingdom. One discussion with Prof Dr Uday Salunkhe then, and in 24 hours I had a 50 page informative material on what I was seeking for. I had a much better idea of what I was getting into. Needless to say I landed the job. Now that is what I call real SUPPORT."

- Prof Deepa Dixit, Associate Dean, Global Alliance, Welingkar Institute of Management

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